Nasser Al Attiyah: “I am sure we will come back stronger next year ”

January 15 th 2021 - 13:04 [GMT + 3]

This year, the three time winner of the Dakar has finished in second place in the general standings for the fifth time in his career, a bitter pill to swallow for the Qatari!

“I would like to thank the team. We did an amazing job with no mistakes from me, my co-pilot or the team. We worked very, very hard. What can we do? This is the second year that we are fighting against the buggies. For me we only need to change the rules for it to be fair for everybody, that’s it. Of course, I am disappointed, but thankfully we’ve finished the race. I am really proud of the team and what we have done since I joined the team. I am sure we will come back stronger next year and we can obtain victory. Of course I’m more disappointed than last year, because if you only have four fingers and not five fingers like everybody else, it does not help. I think we need to change the rule against the buggies because now the buggies have been winning for five years against the 4x4 cars. There is no question, it is not a fair rule. I hope the organisers will change it, otherwise we won’t be interested in coming”.

Et.12 - Nasser Al Attiyah - US
Et.12 - Nasser Al Attiyah - ARB

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