Seth Quintero: "I really couldn’t have asked for a better day"

January 14 th 2021 - 18:55 [GMT + 3]

The young 18-year old Californian continues to impress and today picked up his second stage success in the lightweight vehicle category.

“Today went absolutely amazingly. I’m not too sure where we started, but we were really just trying to pick cars off all day and run smooth and that’s exactly what we did. We ended up somehow the first physical LTV and first LTV on time. It blows my mind how well this Red Bull Off-Road Team works. The last two days were really rough. We didn’t get back from stage nine until yesterday at four in the morning and then had to charge the next day to try and get to the finish. We got a little bit of sleep and here we are on stage eleven and I got that win that I was looking for, number two, and I really couldn’t have asked for a better day. There were no issues all day long and we just ran a smooth, clean pace. On my first Dakar I feel I've matured as a person and matured as a driver, because I've learned so much over these eleven days and that's going to last a lifetime. There's one more day to go and hopefully I can get one more stage win before I get out of this place, so we're going to charge hard again tomorrow, starting up front and see if we can get it done again one more time. I'm already looking forward to the next one. I fell in love with this race since day one. Just being here and being a part of it with the whole team has been absolutely amazing. So, next summer I'll be already looking forward to next year, planning next year and getting ready for next year. Hopefully next year will be our year and we can charge hard”.

Et.11 - Seth Quintero -US

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