Dmitry Sotnikov: “The last dunes were the most complicated on the whole rally”

January 14 th 2021 - 18:49 [GMT + 3]


Forced to change a wheel on his Kamaz several kilometres from the finishing line, Dmitry Sotnikov had to content himself with fifth place on the penultimate stage of the rally, though this was not sufficient to dent the confidence of the Russian driver, who boasts a solid lead in the general standings.

“I think it was one of the toughest days on the rally. The last dunes were the most complicated on the whole rally. It was not easy because they were very sharp. We got a puncture at the beginning because of the stones in the dunes. We had to take care of the tyres and we tried to reach the finish, but thirty kilometres from the end we stopped to change a wheel and we lost six or seven minutes. It was not easy because it was a long day and really tough. To change a wheel, a truck wheel, which weighs one hundred and fifty kilograms, was not easy. But we’re happy because tomorrow is the last day and I think we have a big enough gap”.

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