Yazeed Al-Rajhi: "It was risky, but we wanted to win"

January 13 th 2021 - 16:18 [GMT + 3]

The Saudi's risky gamble in the closing kilometres paid off as he took his second stage win in the 2021 Dakar.

"We went fast, and Dirk also did a great job. However, with 30 km to go, we had a flat tyre. We decided to push on, reasoning that we were almost there. The tyre ended up torn to pieces, but we finished with it. It was risky, but we wanted to win. We thought that stopping would cost us 1'20", whereas easing up a little might only cost us 45"."

Et.10 - Yazeed Al Rajhi - US
Et.10 - Yazeed Al Rajhi - ARB

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