Casey Currie: “It’s not over… This race is so gruelling”

January 14 th 2020 - 18:18 [GMT + 3]

Currie day9

After major mechanical problems on Monday, today Casey Currie finished on the podium of the ninth stage and increased his lead in the general standings over “Chaleco” López.

“Today was good. It’s just what we needed. Yesterday I just had a bad day with the broken axel and it just made for a long day and lots of frustration. Today, Sean did a great job navigating in all the rocks at the beginning and we pushed really hard. We got a lucky break with a couple of trucks and we got clean air. Right before the refuelling we had a lot of clean air and we pushed really hard. The race is not over and I want to make sure that I have a gap. It looks like I caught Chaleco at the end there, so hopefully we can get a bigger gap. It’s not over… This race is so gruelling. Every mile there is something new. We’ve still got a long way to go. The fast tracks I feel were to my advantage today. We had very good suspension and a very good day. Sand dunes for me are good. I can drive well on the sand dunes. Hopefully we will have some team-mates with us so we can work together in the sand dunes. The race is not going to be won alone; it's going to take a team. We’re going to do whatever we can to get to the sand dunes as fast as we can and get to the marathon stage safely”.

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