Toby Price: “2020 hasn’t quite been good for us”

January 14 th 2020 - 17:58 [GMT + 3]

Price day9

Though he finished second on the day’s stage, Toby Price is struggling to regain time on Ricky Brabec. The Australian is still separated from the American by 26 minutes.

“It was certainly a difficult time… Once you get on the bike you’ve got to focus on what you’ve got ahead and be on full gas, but I wasn’t quite today, unfortunately. The first sixty to ninety kilometres was not so bad, pretty good and a little technical through there. But from pretty much the hundred kilometre marker it’s just been pretty much full gas and wide open. It’s a little boring. You can't make up time on anyone or do anything because it's pretty much point and shoot and full gas and wide open. So, it's difficult, but, all in all, we’re happy we’ve made it through another stage and we’ve got a couple more to go. There's still plenty to come, but it’s coming closer towards the end. For sure, Ricky is riding really, really well, like he was last year, so we always knew he was going to be a threat on the race this year. So far, everything has gone really well for him. It hasn’t quite been our year on this race, but that’s the way it is. You have your good moments and you have your bad ones and unfortunately 2020 hasn’t quite been good for us but we’ll still keep giving it a good fight and see how we go”.

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