Dmitriy Sotnikov: “Now, we will prepare for the marathon stage”

January 14 th 2020 - 17:43 [GMT + 3]

The Kamaz driver is in 5th place almost 3 hours behind Karginov, but is still playing an important role in the team’s overall strategy.

Dmitriy Sotnikov (rus)
Dmitriy Sotnikov (us)

“As you can see, we finished together. It was like this the whole day, we drove together with Anton Shibalov. He had a puncture at the beginning of the stage and we helped him. Some cars blocked up the road and we had to avoid them and that’s when he got the puncture. After that, we continued the race together. We tried to get close to Ales Loprais but he was faster than us. Now, we will prepare for the marathon stage”.

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