Francisco “Chaleco” López: “The top three positions are very close”

Dakar 2020 | Stage 8 | Wadi Al Dawasir > Wadi Al Dawasir
January 13 th 2020 - 16:31 [GMT + 3]

The title holder remains in the reckoning to keep his title, but is still a quarter of an hour behind Casey Currie, the general standings leader.

Francisco "Chaleco" Lopez (us)

“Today was a very nice stage, though on the final 5 kilometres from the finish we had a puncture, but got there okay. Yesterday was a bad day. We had a problem in the first kilometre when we lost all traction and broke the rear axel. Today is the best day I think I’ve had. Four days from the finish, I need to go faster. The top three positions are very close. Every day if I can avoid having too many problems or anything broken on my car then I think it’s possible to win”.

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