Matthias Walkner: “Everybody is really, really fast”

January 10 th 2020 - 14:22 [GMT + 3]

The winner of the Dakar in 2018 has reached the rest 33 minutes behind Honda rider Ricky Brabec, who leads the general standings.

Matthias Walkner (us)

“I think it’s really bad news about Toby. I just saw him stopping with Andrew, but the feeling was like we did 80 per cent all day of our full speed. I was also thinking that my tyre would burst, but in the end it looks pretty good. Maybe there could have been some stones that would have cut the tyre, but it was a really long, tough day. We’ve already had a few, but now I’m just happy that the rest day is coming. Up to now it has been really tough. Everybody is really, really fast and not making big mistakes, just me – I made one two days ago. But we’ve seen how quickly it can change day-by-day, so I just need to keep going and do the best and we’ll see. For the moment, it doesn’t look close - I think Honda have ridden better than us, but last year it was more or less the same but then stage eight or nine changed everything and even on the last day you can lose 30 minutes so the race is only finished when the finishing line is crossed”.

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