Paulo Gonçalves: “I never give up”

January 9 th 2020 - 15:24 [GMT + 3]

Gonçalves day5-eng
Gonçalves day5-por

Even if he is no longer even in the reckoning for an honourable overall position, Paulo Gonçalves is not giving up. Once again today, the Portuguese rider finished in the top ten.

“I feel okay. The stage today was really, really difficult. The last 200 km was off-piste with lots of undulation and the navigation was also difficult. So I tried to push as much as possible but the other riders really pushed hard. For me it was a really tough stage, but I’ve finished without issues, so I’m happy. We’re on the Dakar and on the Dakar it’s important to get to the finish. I had a big mechanical problem and I was almost out of the race, but I never give up. I waited by the race track and changed the engine so I could stay in the race. Yesterday I rode a good stage and today it didn’t matter about the result but, for sure, it was a good result. The target now is to do my best, because the result at the end… well, there is no way to get a good result. Instead I’ll try to do good stages every day possible and that's what I'm looking for”.

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