Orlando Terranova: “It was nice but very hard”

January 6 th 2020 - 15:37 [GMT + 3]

Terranova day2-eng
Terranova day2-esp

Whilst the favourites found it difficult to find the right way throughout the second stage, Orlando Terranova put in a good performance to finish second and take the lead in the general standings.

“It was nice but very hard. We had been pushing from the beginning and we got a puncture 60 kilometres from the start. So, I started to drive more gently. In one area, we saw Nasser going the opposite way. We new that we were going in the right way, but we did a loop and it was a big mess. We lost a lot of time and started to get into a big fight until the neutralisation point. After that, I tried to push, but very carefully because it was still stony. But again, today it was okay and we did a good job”.

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