Ricky Brabec: “The main thing is to finish each day”

January 15 th 2020 - 12:30 [GMT + 3]

The leader of the general standings still has a lead of more than 26 minutes over Pablo Quintanilla, following a shortened stage won by his Honda team-mate Joan Barreda.

Ricky Brabec (us)

“It’s another day closer to victory and the American dream. I’m excited to be here in one piece, for sure. We have two days left, two more sleeps, so I’m not going to get any hopes up yet, but we’re going to do our best to finish the next two days. There’s no pressure. We have a long way, so we’re not going to let the pressure affect us and let people get into our heads. The main target is to finish each day. I’m not going to feel like victory is coming until we’re there at the finish on the last special. My strategy today was to kind of take it easy. Others had difficulty finding a way point. They cancelled the second part of the special, so I’m kind of bummed out a little bit, because I couldn’t really check the times and play around with the times. But, we didn’t win the day so that’s good – I won’t have to open tomorrow. We’re happy for tomorrow. I wouldn’t say I’m having good luck, I’m just trying to stay smart and be focused”.

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