“My wrist is on fire now”

January 15 th 2019 - 18:58 [GMT -5]

The winner of the Dakar 2016 is once again the leader of the rally, but is having to cope with an increasingly painful wrist as he prepares to tackle the last two stages of the rally.

“Today, I knew it had to count. That was my maximum today, so any more than that, well… I can’t do any more. My wrist is on fire now, so it’s been a long stage, 360 km, but we’ve made it here to the finish and there’s just two more to go – this is a good thing. [For the wrist] you’ve just got to somehow shut it off. There’s times when you can rest it and when you can’t, but it’s just difficult, though when you throw your helmet on and you go and ride your bike, you just want to do the best you can, and try and do it all again”.

Toby Price / Et.8 (GB)

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