“Today I really, really needed to push”

Dakar 2019 | Stage 4 | Arequipa > Moquegua
January 10 th 2019 - 13:14 [GMT -5]

After getting lost on Wednesday, Rocky Brabec more than made up for it Tacna. The American was victorious on completion of the first marathon stage and also moved into the lead in the general standings.

“I needed it. Yesterday was tough on me and I lost a lot of time. Today I really, really needed to push with the marathon night and motocross start tomorrow. It kind of helps me because tomorrow I can kind of just hang back and have the stage under my control and finish where I want. With the motocross start it makes it easy to manage. That’s my plan for tomorrow and I’m really happy with today and getting the stage win as well as making up a bit of time. I put a hole in my rear tyre so I maybe need to change that with my team-mate Nacho Conejo. But other than that, the bike didn’t touch the ground. My body is still 100%, the bike is still 100%. We'll go back and do a quick review of the bike and then put it to sleep for the night".


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