News - 01/12 18:30 [GMT +3]

e-Dakar: The Dakar embarks on a wide-ranging energy transition programme

 - The Dakar is embarking on a wide-ranging programme with a view to making a gradual transition to low-emission alternative power sources.

- Eager to rise to this challenge, Audi has announced that it will be entering the 2022 Dakar with an alternative drive concept.

- The Cyril Despres-Mike Horn duo and Guerlain Chicherit are among the ambitious...

News - 25/11 17:15 [GMT +3]

Off to a winning start

The world has been shaken to the core. Each and every one of us has felt the impact of the 2020 health crisis to some extent. Yet, over the last few months, the Dakar family has also been tried and found to be true to its spirit. My thoughts go out to all the people who had no choice but to sit out the 2021 Dakar despite their efforts and aspirations. However, I cannot hide my...

News - 25/11 17:15 [GMT +3]

An inspiration for our builders

Ladies and gentlemen, not long ago we witnessed together the birth of a new adventure and the start of a new chapter in the history of desert racing. Saudi Arabia and the Dakar Rally combined to bring the world of motorsport an unprecedented experience full of excitement, natural beauty and extreme challenges.

The Dakar Rally’s maiden race in Saudi Arabia showed...

News - 25/11 17:15 [GMT +3]

An epic saga like no other

Ladies and gentlemen, greetings from Saudi Arabia, the land of warm hospitality, renowned generosity, and unlimited possibilities.

Together with you, we made history a year ago when we brought Dakar to Saudi Arabia and Asia for the first time, thanks to the unprecedented support from the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness...

News - 25/11 17:15 [GMT +3]


“We often hear that participating in the Dakar is a victory in itself. This is certainly the feeling that will invigorate us all on January 3rd in Jeddah", underscored David Castera as he begun the presentation of the 2021 Dakar. The preparation and in particular the reconnaissance, had to be conducted according to a schedule adapted to the 2020 travel restrictions. Similarly,...

News - 17/11 17:30 [GMT +3]

SAVE THE DATE - Presentation of the 2021 Dakar

Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal Al Saud,
Saudi Sports Minister,

Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Abdullah Al Faisal,
Chairman of the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation,

Yann Le Moënner,
CEO of Amaury Sport Organisation,

News - 15/10 18:00 [GMT +3]

Saudi Arabia welcomes all the competitors for Dakar 2021

HRH Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal has a message for you: the countdown to #Dakar2021 is on!
Saudi Arabia is looking forward to welcoming back all of the competitors for the next edition of the World’s toughest race!
You can still sign up here:

News - 15/10 16:00 [GMT +3]

Recces Dakar 2021

Have a look at some of the best bits of the recces so far!

We can't wait to be there! What about you? #Dakar2021

News - 11/06 14:00 [GMT +3]

Monumental Arabia

Sometimes it feels like the other side of the rainbow is just around the corner and a magical treasure is within reach. The two weeks of the 2020 edition in Saudi Arabia, when the Dakar inaugurated Chapter 3 of its history in style, were one such time. Our Saudi hosts had the daring inspiration to believe in this marriage, a vision shared by all the competitors and their crews....

News - 11/06 14:00 [GMT +3]

Pure emotion

The Dakar Rally is fueled by desire, a willingness, almost a need to be hurtling through vast emptiness on a pulse-racing adventure. And as we found out first-hand earlier this year, that desire is only continuing to burn stronger.

It was the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation’s greatest joy to bring Dakar Rally to Asia. Our 2020 race attracted Dakar’s biggest...

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