You need to know how to read and interpret the roadbook. Nani Roma gives you advice and tips to make sure you are fully prepared for this exercise. But before you take a look at the video, you must familiarise yourself with the universal language and jargon of the rally raid world, as explained hereafter.

The Roadbook will be now given every morning before the start of each stage.

Part of the DAKAR 2021 AUTO, SSV and TRUCK fleet will be equipped with the new electronic road book. You can already discover its presentation and its functioning while waiting to send you more information about its conditions of attribution to competitors, its use in the race and the order of the installation kit which will be to be made with ERTF.




CCR Roadbook 1 EN

Road Book, what is it ?

CCR Roadbook 2 EN

How to prepare your Road Book

CCR Roadbook 3 EN

Some advices

CCR Roadbook 4 EN