(jpn) 1.72m / 65kg





2023: 10th
2022: 22nd
2021: 12th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2020: 10th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2019: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2018: 6th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2017: 8th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2016: 13th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2015: 16th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2014: 12th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2013: 19th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2012: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2011: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2010 : 7th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2009 : 14th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2007 : 9th
2006 : 7th
2005 : 6th
2004 : 5th (co-driver truck)
2003 : 5th (co-driver truck)
2002 : T5 assistance
2001 : 2nd (co-driver truck)
2000 : 5th (co-driver truck)
1999 : 4th (co-driver truck)

2019: Silk Way Rally (Ab.)
2018: Silk Way Rally (6th)
2017: Silk Way Rally (12th), Rally Mongolia (14th)
2014: Rally Mongolia
Rallye des Pharaons, Paris-Pékin.


“More gruelling than ever”

The Sugawara saga continues on the Dakar. After the glorious years of legendary Yoshimaza who took part in 36 rallies reaching second spot five times (in 1994, 95, 98, 2001 and 2005), his second son dreamt of doing as well. But times have changed and it was hard to compete against the Kamaz and De Rooy squads. Named team director, Teruhito Sugawara has however continued the impressive Hino run of consistency on the Dakar. After first experiencing the rally as a navigator in his dad’s truck back in 1999, he was given far more responsibilities behind the steering wheel as of 2005. He has indeed only finished three times outside the top fifteen in 17 participations. After equalling his best ever performance by conquering a fine 6th spot in 2018, a new era started in 2022 for the Japanese factory team. Indeed Teruhito lined up alongside mechanic Yuji Mochizuki and navigator Hirokazu Somemiya in a brand new hybrid truck. Using a bonnet-type cab (like in 2020), the heavier Hino 600 Series truck (8600kgs) running on its very first hybrid racing system produces far more horse power and the experience is starting to pay off. 22nd two years ago, they were back among the best in 2023, finishing the rally in 10th position. Sugawara returns with the same crew and can hope for an even better performance from his hybrid machine, keeping in mind the future of the planet and the efficiency of his truck.

T.S.: “I remember with perfect clarity that first Dakar in 1999 with my father. I didn't have any experience. Everything was a big surprise: the wide open spaces, the amazing dunes, the heavy impacts, the tense atmosphere. It was however so long. We managed to finish in fourth place overall and I still have in mind a stage between Zouerat and Tidjikja. It was one of the hardest stages in my life. We spent more than 13 hours just on one stage. My first Dakar as a driver (2011) was perfect and pleasant, with no punctures, a trouble-free machine and no navigation issues.”
“Last year, despite extremely difficult conditions, we were able to continue our participation in the 2023 event with the support and encouragement of many people. Once again, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone on behalf of the team. The 2024 event, which will take us into the deepest parts of the Empty Quarter will be more gruelling than ever before and face us with dramatically higher degrees of difficulty. Against this backdrop, we expect great things as we are steadily preparing for the 2024 event working with the development staff at Hino Motors, aiming for a truck that is not only faster but also tougher and stronger than ever.”



HINO 600

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