N°272 Cuadriciclos BLACK FOREST QUAD


(deu) Nació el 06/02/1969 en CORDOBA - ARGENTINA 1.7m / 78kg


His family, Black Forest Quad, Wössner, Acerbis, Roland Büsse, Henschel, Jehnich, Zweirad Centre Lörrach, Oggy Print, Briant, ERGO Thomas Strassner, Inoveli, Elf, Neumaier & Müller

2016: Ab Stage 11
2015: 13th
2014: Ab Stage 3
2013: 20th

2014: Baja Germany (Ab)
Local races in Germany and France


“I just have to be at the finish line!”

Juan Carlos Carignani has come through some dramatic moments on the Dakar, but the 48-year-old - who was born in Argentina and now sells ice cream in Germany - couldn't miss out on the 2018 edition, which will finish a stone's throw from his hometown of La Cumbre. It will be a fifth Dakar participation for one of the rally's most colourful characters, who started quad racing in Cordoba in the mid-1990s. After spending time in Germany, Italy and Spain, he settled in Germany in the early 2000s before becoming the first quad rider from the country to take part in the Dakar in 2013. A major accident in 2014 resulted in a broken nose and two operations, while his darkest hour on the Dakar came on the second stage in 2015. Caught up in the fesh-fesh in the searing heat between Cordoba and San Juan, Carignani ended up stranded in the wilderness, suffering from dehydration. Fearing for his survival, he even recorded a farewell message for loved ones on his phone before a helicopter arrived at the scene with water. Incredibly, he went on to enjoy his best finish that year - a sensational 13th place - even coming in as high as fourth on the final stage. With his iconic red mohawk helmet, Carignani is renowned for helping out fellow competitors in need. Another crash in 2016 prevented him from taking part in the Dakar last year, but a rigorous training regime and support from sponsors have enabled him to make ideal preparations for the 2018 rally, where he will once again be riding for Black Forest Quad on his Yamaha.

“I wanted to take part in the Dakar last year but the doctors told me to wait, so I spent time recovering from my accident in 2016. I always say, the real Dakar begins when you want to stop! When I saw the route for 2018, from Lima to Cordoba, where I was born, I was absolutely delighted. My first Dakar in 2013 started in Lima, and Peru has some incredible landscapes. I just have to be at the finish line, because the rally ends around 70 kilometres from my hometown. I have a lot of friends and family who will be there.”



  • Marca : YAMAHA
  • Modelo : YFM 700R
  • Preparador : Black Forest Quad
  • Asistencia : Black Forest Quad
  • Clase : Q_GQ.1 : 2 roues motrices – 0

Clasificación 2018

Scratch Etapa General
1 13 13 13
2 35 35 25
3 29 29 27
4 34 34 26
5 34 34 31
6 33 30 29
7 25 25 27
8 20 20 25
9 - - -
10 29 29 25
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


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