N°176 Cuadriciclos STORY RACING S.R.O.




Story Racing S.R.O.

First participation

2020: Lithuanian Bajas Championship (2nd), Andalucia Rally (5th)


“I wanted to take my passion for adrenaline to the next level”

Laisvydas Kancius is set to make history at Dakar 2021, becoming the first man from Lithuania to compete in the quads class at the world's biggest rally. The Baltic state is better known for its love affair with the cars; no fewer than five crews will be participating in this 43rd edition. Laisvydas has been riding quads for a long time, but mainly as a hobby. It was only around three years ago that he started developing a more serious interest in rally raid, and the Dakar in particular. With the support and guidance of fellow compatriot Aidas Bubinas, he learned more about what was involved in taking part, and showed excellent promise in his first competitive outings. The 36-year-old struggled a little to source a reliable vehicle for the Dakar, but finally found what he was looking for after getting in touch with Czech rider Tomas Kubiena, who has been doing the rally since 2017. The two men will be racing at Dakar 2021 under the Story Racing banner, both getting behind the wheel of a Yamaha Raptor 700. The duo participated in the recent Andalucia Rally, with Laisvydas coming in 5th, but the Lithuanian pioneer can still expect a serious baptism of fire over the sands of Saudi Arabia.

“The Dakar is my big goal for 2021. The global pandemic messed things up for the whole world, even the Olympics were cancelled, but nothing can break the spirit of Lithuanian Dakar! This year I will be a Dakar newcomer. I had a long-term desire to take my passion for adrenaline and four-wheelers to the next level. The idea of the Dakar has been at the back of my mind for about a decade. With the help and advice of Aidas Bubinas, I enjoyed great results in my first competitions. That really strengthened my desire to try the Dakar, so I started working towards that goal. It's not only about improving your skills, but also technical issues.
I agreed on a quad produced in the Czech Republic, and ended up with a new Yamaha Raptor 700. I had an opportunity to test it at the Andalucia Rally and everything went well. The Czech team Story Racing, which has prepared my equipment for Dakar 2021, will also take care of technical support. Since I met the team we've become good friends, I trust them 100% as professionals in my field. The fact that the people who prepared my quad will be providing assistance on the rally is a huge advantage.”



  • Marca : YAMAHA
  • Modelo : RAPTOR 700
  • Preparador : Story Racing S.R.O.
  • Asistencia : Story Racing S.R.O.
  • Clase : G3.1 - 2x4 < 750 cm3

Clasificación 2021

Scratch Etapa General
0 15 15 14
1 13 13 12
2 10 10 11
3 10 10 11
4 12 12 11
5 9 9 11
6 11 11 11
7 9 9 9
8 7 7 9
9 9 9 9
10 10 10 9
11 6 6 7
12 8 8 7


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