• China Rally

    from 9/24 to 9/30/2017

  • Dakar Rally Merzuga

    from 4/15 to 4/20/2018

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Ma Hailong wins the first edition of the Dakar Series China Rally


Zhang Ming wins the 7th and final stage.

    In racing everything can happen till the last meter. Yesterday's epic and tough stage saw all the favourites out of the games as they damaged their vehicles on the road. Today the spotlights were all for the new protagonists: #130 Ma Hailong (Nissan VQ40), who was leading the overall classification, and #115 Zhang Ming (SMG Hanwei Team), second at + 1min 44sec. The spectacular short but tough final stage took place in the dunes around the FB-Park with the competitors who took the start in reverse order of their standing position. #115 Zhang Ming (SMG Hanwei Team) won the stage in front of #130 Ma Hailong (Nissan VQ40) and #103 Han Wei (SMG Buggy), first of the FIA Classification, but his advantage of only 9 seconds was not enough to gain the first position of the general.
    With today's result #130 Ma Hailong and his co-driver Yao Bin won the first edition of the Dakar Series China Rally and a free entry to compete in the 2018 Dakar. Second of the general standing #115 Zhang Ming, third #109 Cheng Feng on a Toyota Hilux, first of the FIA Classification.
    “I'm really happy” said the rally winner Ma Hailong, “I didn't expect to win the race with my small team. I was really lucky that the top drivers had some issues yesterday. I'm sorry for them. Regarding my free entry for Dakar, I still haven't realized such a great opportunity”.
    After he broke the suspension of his Hilux yesterday, the Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa driver Giniel De Villiers and his co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz re-joined the race for the final sprint on the dunes and finished 18th in the general standing with 12h30min penalty.
    “It was really pity for yesterday's impact as we were fighting for the win. I was climbing a series of small dunes when I landed on a rock. We broke the front suspension and the steering. We tried to fix it in the dunes, moving away the wheel from the bodywork and then we drove to the tarmac, steering with 4 hands as it was so hard to steer. Despite this incident, it was really worth to come and race the Dakar Series China Rally. The route in the Inner Mongolia were spectacular and the perfect playground to train on the sand in preparation of the Dakar”, said De Villiers, “here we can find all kind of dunes, from small dunes to mountains, round or steep It's tougher than anything I have ever done before!”

    T3 Group (Side by Side)
    Today's stage was won by #313 Zhong Lei in front of #317 Guan Quanquan and #315 Li Dongsheng all on Polaris RZR1000, but the winner of the general standing is #320 Zhang Qiang (Xingjunyi China Gold E-business)- Second of the overall #212 Zhang Huijun (Yamaha YZF1000), with #317 Guan Quanquan (Changbaishan Stock Pioneer) in third position.

    T2 Group
    The leader #205 He Xudong (Jiangxi Isuzu) finished 3rd in the stage and won the rally in his category in front of stage 7 winner #209 Zhang Jianfeng (Jiangxi Isuzu) with #202 Wuritunasheng (Zhengzhou Nissan) in third position overall and second in the stage.

    Open Class
    The Liqui Moly driver #305 Xu Aili made another superb performance, finishing first of his category in the stage and first of the overall, winning the rally in his category. The second of the overall is #135 Li Jianguo (Beidaihe Brother Racing Club). Third of the general #303 Li Jinming (Liqui Moly) who finshed second in the stage ahead of #308 Fan Tingjun.
    “We are really happy”, said Zhao Wei Vice President of FBLIFE and Senior Project Manager of the rally, “the idea of the Dakar Series China Rally is to offer the Chinese drivers the experience of an international rally and to prepare them to compete on the Dakar. I think we accomplished the target with this first edition. 104 competitors of 9 nationalities took the start and we saw great battles among the Inner Mongolian experienced driver Aorigele, the Dakar star Giniel De Villiers, Han Wei , Zi Yungang, Yong Zhou, 13th on the 2015 Dakar, just to mention a few names. This is the start of a new great adventure for the drivers, as well as FBLIFE benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.)” Also Tiziano Siviero, the Sporting Director of the event, expressed his satisfaction: “We are really satisfied of how the rally went. We had a great collaboration with FBLIFE and the local people and everything ran smooth during the whole scouting of the tracks and the race. I want to thank the whole staff for the great partnership”.
    The Dakar Series China Rally finished just one day before the opening of the FB-Festival. This 12th edition, is dedicated to the FB-Life community that counts around 10 million members and all fans of off-road and adventure travel. Last year it saw 300.000 vehicles and 1 million visitors, this year expectations are much higher with fans driving their SUV to the FB Park from all over China.

    Zhang Ming clinches the victory in an epic and unpredictable stage


    The 264 km long stage saw the top 4 drivers out of the game

      As it was announced in the drivers' briefing, the 6th stage reserved big challenges regarding navigation and a great variety of landscapes with the route featuring a mix of sand dunes, roads and off-roads. Once again a full concentration on the road book, as well as an extra attention to save the vehicles were a must. The competitors took the start of one of the longest stage of the rally (modified to 264 kms for a total of 666 kms) determined to give everything before tomorrow's final sprint. The stage was very demanding and shuffled the cards with the favourites out of the game.
      Unfortunately the leading group, who were fighting for the win, struggled the most. The track opener #103 Han Wei (Geely Auto Cooper Tires SMG Buggy), winner of the 5th stage, was one of the firsts to experience mechanical problems at km 121. Started second, also the leader of the general standing #111 Giniel De Villiers (Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa) broke the suspensions on a big rock hidden in the sand at km 125. Started third, #123 Tao Yong Ming (Nissan VK50) did finish the stage, but outside the maximum allowed time, suffering more than expected. The same happened to #117 Zi Yungang from Shanxi Yunxiang Team, who lost the chance to defend his second position in the general. Also the talented Inner Mongolian #121 Aorigele, winner of 3 stages, had a mechanical issue at km 97.
      “It's really a pity”, said Giniel De Villiers, who was defending the leadership, “it's the first time that I brake the suspensions in a race since 2002. Anyway tomorrow i will re-join the race for the spectacular final sprint”.
      The first to finish the stage was #115 Zhang Ming (SMG Hanwei Team) in 4h03min11s, second was #130 Ma Hailong (Nissan VQ40), 9min18sec behind, with #125 Zhang Xuegang (Toyota Tacoma 1GR) in third.
      “After my 40 min penalty on day 1, I expected only a top ten result. You should never give up to the last moment”, said surprised Zhang Ming. With today's result, #130 Ma is leading the overall classification with only 1min 44sec of advantage on #115 Zhang. Tomorrow the battle for the win will be among them as #109 Chen Feng is third, but +2h22m50sec behind. The stakes are high as the winner of the Dakar Series China rally will also gain a free entry to Dakar 2018.

      T2 Group
      It was a demanding stage also for the T2 cars. #209 Zhang Jianfeng (Jiangxi Isuzu) set the best time, finishing 1st in his category, 13th overall, in front of #202 Wuritunasheng (Zhengzhou Nissan) 16th overall and #207 Zuo Xiaobong (Jiangxi Isuzu), 3rd. 22nd overall today, #205 He Xudong (Jiangxi Isuzu) maintains the leadership of the T2 class.

      T3 group
      #212 Zhang Huijun ( Yamaha YZF1000) finished third overall and first of his class. Second was #320 Zhang Qiang (Xingjunyi China Gold E-business) 8th today, with #317 Guan Quanquan (Changbaishan Stock Pioneer) in 3rd position an 9th overall. #320 Zhang now leads the overall of the T3 class.

      Open group
      The Liqui Moly driver #305 Xu Aili made another superb performance, finishing 1st of the Open Class, 11th overall and leads the general standing of the Open class. Second and 12th overall #303 Li Jinming (Liqui Moly). #135 Li Jianguo (Beidaihe Brother Racing Club) continues his race with consistency and finished 3rd as yesterday. Tomorrow the competitors will take the start of the 7th and final stage: a loop in the dunes in front of the superb FB – Festival, the event dedicated to the off road world organized by FB-Life that expects 2 million visitors.

      Giniel De Villiers leads the general standing, Han Wei wins the stage


      Already from preparing the road book, drivers and co-drivers had the clear idea that it was going to be another tough day. The original 317 kms of special stage for a total of 375 kms was reduced to 255kms of stage, but still very demanding with massive dunes crossings. The second loop around the Alxa Right bivouac brought the competitors in the Badain Jaran Desert for another full immersion in the dunes before tackling a faster part with many roads damaged by the rain.

        Recovering leading position, #111 Giniel De Villiers (Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa) started with one goal in mind: accurate driving and no navigation mistakes. Mission accomplished as he finished second, only 25 seconds behind #103 the Chinese Han Wei (Geely Auto Cooper Tires SMG Buggy), who made a superb performance and set the fastest time (4h 7min 02 sec) and was the first of the FIA classification. Third at +9m 06sec #123 Tao Yong Ming on a Nissan VK50. The Chinese #121 Aorigele, winner of 3 stages wanted to attack but he got stuck in his Nissan pickup and dropped a lot of time. He finally finished 4th at +9min 10sec. 
        With today's result De Villiers and his co-driver Dirk Von Zitzewitz jump on top of the general standing. They lead with 1min 41sec of advantage on #117 Zi Yungang from Shanxi Yunxiang Team, and +13min 50 sec on #103 Han Wei. The local hero Aorigele is now 4th, but quite behind (15m 17sec). #109 Chen Feng closes the top 5. “Yesterday our gearbox was broken so we wasted time” said stage winner Han Wei, “we changed it because there were 2 long stages left. We pushed hard today to take the win and have a good result, if not we have no other chances, so we decided to catch up as much as we can”. “We took the star this morning determined to close the gap and I'm happy that we made it, although it would have been nice to win the stage. It was a very demanding day because there were many dunes crossings which are so challenging for the body and also tricky in terms of navigation. With Dirk, my co-driver, we did a good job. It was important to recover position today with only one long stage remaining”, said De Villiers. 
        T2 Group These stages are particularly tough on the T2 class, the production vehicles really take abuse in the dunes and the Isuzu of Zhang Jianfeng get major technical problems. #205 He Xudong (Jiangxi Isuzu) was the fastest of his category today and leader of the general standing. He finished ahead of 201 Song Haitao (Zhengzhou Nissan rich pickup). Third was #208 Shi Hong (Jiangxi Isuzu). 
        T3 Group #317 Guan Quanquan (Changbaishan Stock Pioneer) was the 1st of the open class and 12th overall with a crono of 05:26:44. Second #318 Zhang Hongbin (Changbaishan Stock Pioneer) and #320 Zhang Qiang (Xingjunyi China Gold E-business), respectively 18th and 19th overall. #320 Zhang now leads the provisional overall standing after a great day for 212 taking 30 minutes out of his brother brother Qiang. 
        Open class The Liqui Moly driver #305 Xu Aili made a superb performance, finishing 1st of the Open Class and 10th overall. Second #308 Fan Tingjun from Xiangyang Modern City Team, 14th overall. Third #135 Li Jianguo ( Beidaihe Brother Racing Club), 20th overall. It was a pity for Su Baoheng (Chewukuangsha Buggy), the only Open vehicle without any penalties so far. Unfortunately an issue with the rear axle made him lose a lot of time and the top position. The new leader of the provisional overall standing is now Li Jianguo. 
        Tomorrow the competitors will tackle the 6th stage that will bring them to the FB-Festival bivoauc in Alxa left. They will cover 669 km in total, 328 km of special stage. The stage will be crucial to make time difference and recover position before the final sprint of 28 Km in front of the spectators of the famous FB-Festival.

        Zi Yungang suprises everyone and wins the stage 3 of the Dakar Series China Rally


        The first competitors left the Alxa Left bivouac early this morning when it was still dark to tackle a stage designed in pure Dakar style. Length, demanding terrain, challenge and tricky navigation were all the ingredients wisely mixed by the Organizers to give the Chinese competitors an authentic Dakar experience. The first difficulties of this about 600 km long stage in the Badan Jalan Desert came already in the beginning with lot of sand dunes and demanding navigations. The second part was fastest and featured roads and off-roads in dry rivers bed. Today's special stage should have been the longest stage of the rally, but it was reduced to 233 km due to the extreme conditions of the terrain.

          T1 Group
          It was a hard day for the local Mongolian hero Aorigele and his co-driver Qin Xu, winner of the first two stages. The Knight Super Player Club's driver opened the track and was driving with a good pace when he had to slow down at km 35 in order to find a difficult way point. He was joined by Giniel de Villiers (Toyota Gazoo racing South Africa) and Han Wei (Geely Wheels team), the reference for Cross Country Rally in China, who was looking forward to the rutted paths of this stage which suited his SMG buggy
          In the end, it was #117 ZI Yungang and his co-driver Wang Zengrong from SMG Hanwei Team to win the stage with a crono of 3h30m3s. Started 15th, ZI Yungang took advantage of the traces to set his best performance so far ahead of #109 Chen Feng-Wang Yicheng on a Toyota Hilux, second at +7min11s and now leading the FIA class. Third at +10m36s #119 Wei Hongjie-Guo Jun (Keepower Optimus). “I am happy we didn't expect to have such a decent result” said ZI Yungang – Shanxi Yunxiang SMG Buggy. “I like to drive in the desert. I was 15th on the road and by the end I passed the first car, so today we were good and worked well together”
          Han Wei was the first to cross the finish line and finally finished 6th, 20min24s from the top. “This stage was difficult we got lost after a few kilometres, we couldn't find the check point so we kept looking, we stopped and tried to check with the map but we still couldn't find it. Eventually we found it and I realised there were no cars in front of us so I was the first car to the end”, said Wei.
          The 2009 Dakar winner #111 Giniel De Villiers on his Toyota Hilux started really motivated by the challenge of the Chinese unknown dunes with their aggressive peaks and steep drops. He also lost time for a navigation issue and finished 10th at +30min, with Aorigele 17th +40min 34s. “It's as good as anything I have done before and as tough”, stated De Villiers at the end of the stage.
          Lined up in the T1 group, #136 Meng Yan (Wuwujingang Nissan Patrol) didn't pass unnoticed as she is
          the only woman in the race. Wuwu is 38 years old and a real passionate one. She's been rallying for the last 4 years and took part in 6 big races in China, but this one is the biggest and the most prestigious “I have many victories in female rallies but my dream is to take part, one day, in the Dakar. Being here for the Dakar series China Rally is my first step to reach my dream” said Wuwu, 29th today.

          T2 group
          The dunes and the terrain was a real challenge for the T2 vehicles that are mostly 2 tonnes including the extra roll bar and safety equipment. They don't have the suspension of the prototypes it means freeing them is even harder. The fastest of the T2 group today was #202 Wuritunasheng – Jia Xiaowei with 4h40m15s, followed by #205 He Xudong-Ma Li and #209 Zhang Jianfeng-Wu Xiaoguang.

          T3 group
          The Side by Side vehicles enjoyed a lot the first part of the route on the dunes of the Badan Jalan Desert where they could use all the potential of their vehicles. #313 Zhong Lei-Li Gang was the fastest driver of his class on a Polaris RZR1000, followed by #320 Zhang Qiang-Peng Yibo on a Yamaha YZF1000 and Li Dongsheng-Huo Mingxin (Polaris RXR000).

          Open Group
          Superb day for #319 Su Baoheng – Tian Lei (Suzhou Buggy) who finished 11th overall, just behind the 2009 Dakar winner and set the fastest time in the open category (4h00m43s). Second of the Open was #303 Li Jinming – Jiyatu (xiongfeng Buggy). Third #135 Li Jianguo – Li Jianbin (feiwo Fervor).
          It was a pity for #302 –JIN Jing - Liqui Moly Buggy, who was doing really well as a rookie leading the Open class, but today he lost his class lead with transmission issues.
          Tomorrow the competitors will take the start of the 4th stage from the Alxa Right bivouac, a loop 90% in sandy Off Road modality that offers some hard dunes crossing and sandy valleys.

          Aorigele continues to lead


          A nice and enjoyable stage in the middle of sand dunes in loop format like Stage 1, without liaison sections. The first and the last parts were the most complicated segment with some heavy dunes crossing. The rest of the route was composed by quick valleys with many traces where some good choices had to be made in terms of navigation. As the day before, the departure was planned in the center of the festival and the finish zone was situated at the entry area of the FB-Festival.
          2017 China Auto Cross Country Championships and Dakar Series China Rally ended the second stage in Ālāshàn League, Inner Mongolia Region.

            The Knight Super Player Club's Aorigele continued the previous day's good momentum to win the championship.
            Toyota Gazoo racing South Africa's Argentine driver Lucio Alvarez and Shaanxi Yunxiang, Auto & Motor Sports Co. Ltd. Liu Feilong are second and fifth respectively.

            The second stage is 129 km. Like yesterday, there are no ground road sections in the first half and the second half has large dunes, with the rest mainly canyon road. For drivers who can reduce mistakes in this stage, the results look good.
            In the afternoon there was some light rain which was an inconvenience, although it swept away the heat from the evening's dust storm and brought the drivers a trace of cooler weather.

            Aorigele, who has a home advantage, defeated the Toyota Gazoo racing South Africa Argentinean driver Alvarez with a 4 minutes and 4 seconds advantage and increased his lead in the overall performance list. His team mate Qin Xu struggled with the day and was delayed for longer than five minutes.
            "It was a tough stage. I was trapped in the desert for nearly two minutes, but it was due to my own mistakes. Fortunately, we are still doing well overall and today my team is not doing too badly after this result," said Giniel de Villiers, the South African, the leader of the FIA class.
            Shaanxi Yunxiang Automobile and Motor Sports Co. Ltd., Liu Feilong and Zhang Ming were stable with a third and fourth places. Geely Auto Cooper Tire team Han Wei, Shanxi Yunxiang Motor Sport Co. Ltd. driver Zi Rong, and Jin Jing from Liqui Moly Xiongfeng team were ranked sixth to eighth.
            Han Wei: “De Villiers and Peterhansel are my idols. So today one of them is coming here and I am very happy to participate in the same race as him”.

            Today Xiangyang Modern City team driver Fan Tingjun gradually recovered the rhythm to have a great result in the top ten. After the drive he said it was not easy to take more time to adapt to the rhythm of the Rally.
            Wei Hongjie from Jiyuan Driving School team was also stable today. He also said that the new car will gradually increase in speed as they have the same technology as giant racing club driver Shen Weijian. He's currently seventh with a time of 3 hours 56 minutes.

            Of course, one of the difficulties of this stage is to find the right place. For Zhengzhou Nissan Rui Qi team, how to rapidly increase speed while protecting the car has become a key issue. For the first time followers of the Rui Qi car gave it a high rating, and said that although the stage isn't easy, the overall performance of the car stood the test.

            After the end of the two stages, Knight Super Player Club's Aorigele is in the lead with a total time of 3 hours 27 minutes 03 seconds. Toyota Gazoo racing South Africa, Giniel de Villiers and Lucio Alvarez are in second and third place with 3:32 and 3:35 respectively.
            Tomorrow, the September 26th drivers will usher in the third stage of the competition.

            Aorigele has come the first stage winner of the Dakar Series China Rally


            Stage 1 wad a warm up, 57kms with no liaison and a chance to test the car within the FB Park.
            24th September 2017, the Dakar Series China Rally launched its first stage of the competition, which was 57km in length, full of a number of dunes and challenges. Up to now, the super driver from the knight team, Aorigele (CHN), has come in the first place with 1 hour 12 minutes and 4 seconds, followed by the driver from Toyota Gazoo South Africa Giniel de Villiers (RSA) in the second place. Han Wei (CHN) from Geely team, and Zhang Huijun from T3 Army Ant E team came in the fifth and the fourth places respectively.

              T1 Group
              Aorigele, the driver from local Alxa with his team navigator, Qin Xu, driving Nissan VK50 No. 121, have done very well in the first stage with 1 hour 12 minutes and 4 seconds, placing him in the first place so far. Giniel De Villiers from Toyota Gazoo South Africa racing team along with his navigator, Dirk von Zitzewitz, are in the second place so far by 13 seconds late driving Toyota Hilux. The driver, Han Wei from Geely Wheels team along with his navigator, Liao Min in an SMG Buggy came in the third place in the group and as a whole with 1 hour 14 minutes and 56 seconds.
              Aorigele said: “The performance today was not bad but the middle part wasn't that good. This was my fourth rally collaborating with the navigator so we did quite well. Every weekend I used to drive my own car in these dunes so it's a lot of fun to know dunes so well ”.
              Han Wei said: “Today's 57 km appetiser was a piece of cake but we ran very happily. The track was quite challenging and we were ahead of everyone else, so we had some difficulties. Therefore, today we ran very smoothly and everything was more perfect than before. Neither of us made any mistakes. The road today was more complex and leading on the track would definitely be affected, so there were some troublesome sections.”
              Giniel de Villiers said “Its great to be here, its going to be great to race here, Its going to be good preparation, to test the car in the dunes which will be very good for the Dakar.”

              T2 Group
              The championship in this group was taken by the legend, He Xudong, from the Jiangxi Isuzu team and his navigator, driving car No. 205 with 2 hours 15 minutes and 4 seconds. With his newbie navigator Jia Xiaobei driving No. 202, the driver from the Zhengzhou Nissan team Uday took the second place with 2 hours 21 minutes 53 seconds. The third place was taken by Zhang Jianfeng had his navigator Wu Xiao Guang from the Jiangzi Isuzu team.

              T3 group (Side by Side)
              Army Ant E team did very well today as the first two places in T3 group were taken by them. Driving No. 212 with his navigator Wang Jirong, the driver Zhang Huijun has first place so far with 1 hour 15 minutes and 20 seconds, which is the fourth place as a whole. The driver, Zhang Qiang, with his navigator Pen Yi Bo, driving car No. 320, has come in the second place while the third place has been taken by driver Deng Reng Gui and his navigator Fan Li Jun from Changchun Hanxiang Logistics team.

              Open group
              The driver, Jin Lei, from Sandong Jin's Sorghum team has taken the first place so far with 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 seconds followed by Xu Zuoli from Liqui Molly team being in second place.
              The total 57km of the first stage has ended and the complex sections of the desert gave the drivers the exciting feelings of the competition. The drivers have familiarised themselves with the track and the environment in the first stage of the race and will get themselves fully prepared for the following stages. The second day of 157 km is ready to kick off tomorrow.



              The Dakar Series China Rally to be held this coming 24-30 September in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia will be broadcast in 190 countries. The scenery of the Tengger and Badain Jaran deserts will soon be viewed around the world.The TV coverage will be complemented by a comprehensive social network infrastructure: the official Dakar accounts will be activated for the rally, while Chinese enthusiasts will be able to follow the action on Weibo and WeChat, their favourite social networks.

                For its first edition, the Dakar Series China Rally will enjoy an extraordinary amount of television coverage. Six vehicles as well as a helicopter seconded by drones for capturing aerial views will provide footage to the editing teams who will produce a daily 13-minute summary and a post-rally 52-minute programme, available to 25 broadcasters servicing 190 countries.

                News from the China Rally will be posted daily on the official site: after each stage, the classifications, driver interviews and stage summaries will be available in English and then on the other language versions of the site.

                To stay permanently connected to the rally, the most impatient fans can head to the Chinese Weibo and WeChat platforms, where the official race accounts will provide live reports with the main race news and results. Photo and video galleries will be available at the end of the day via the rally's Facebook page (@dakarserieschinarally) in addition to the official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

                Dakar Series China Rally: De Villiers out to conquer China


                Toyota Gazoo Racing SA's Giniel de Villiers and Lucio Álvarez will be the two headliners entries in the Dakar Series China Rally this coming September 24-30. The more than 2,500km course is a mostly sandy seven-stage rally drawn aroung the immense sand dunes and the incredible lakes of Inner Mongolia.

                  With less than two weeks to go before the start of the first edition of the Dakar Series Rally China, the confrontation between the Chinese drivers and rally-raiding's international elite is taking shape. 2009 Dakar champion, Giniel de Villiers comes in as the overwhelming favourite of the rally to be contested in the dunes of Inner Mongolia, at the wheel of his Toyota Hilux pick-up with which he has finished four-times on the podium in South America. The South African driver's biggest rival will be his Toyota team mate, Lucio Álvarez, who finished 5th on the 2012 Dakar and is one of the sport's rising stars. On his path towards the 2018 Dakar, the Argentina native will face a tough test from many Chinese crews led by Yong Zhou, the most experienced among them, who finished 13th on the 2015 Dakar.

                  The schedule for the seven-stage rally has been revamped in order to concentrate the acing program around the most accessible and user-friendly bivouacs installed at the FB Festival and Alxa Right sites. In total, nearly 2,500km rally-route in the Tenger and Badain Jaran deserts, which are known for their mountain-sized dunes and the incongruous presence of countless lakes. At the conclusion of this week of competition, the Dakar Series China Rally and its crews will be celebrated at the 12th edition of the FB-Festival, which feature a large-scale off-road happening as well as concerts, stun flying shows, MMA fights, a car show as well as a food festival. This has become a must do gathering in China, which this year starts on October 3rd and promises to be a resounding success after welcoming nearly 1 million visitors in 2016.

                  Giniel de Villiers: “I cannot wait to take part in the Dakar Series in China. I think that the conditions will be very similar to the Dakar and it will be a fantastic experience.”

                  Lucio Álvarez: “I have already driven a Toyota, but to be brought in as a factory driver is something new to me. The most important thing in preparing for the Dakar is to rack up the kilometres. It is essential as we continue the development of the Hilux before sending it to South America.”

                  Dakar Series China Rally : registration is open


                  Open to cars, Side by Sides and trucks, registration for the first edition of the Dakar Series China Rally, scheduled for this coming September 24-30, begins today. Before the final recce programmed from June 24 to July 7, the ultra-sandy route will consist of 3,000 kilometres in Inner Mongolia.A stepping-stone towards the Dakar designed to offer a midterm review to the crews attracted to the adventure, this new rally has all the ingredients to become a rally-raid benchmark event.The Dakar Series China Rally, organised by FB LIFE Racing Planet and A.S.O., precedes the gigantic “Hero Festival”, event organised by Alxa bringing together more than one million outdoor motor racing enthusiasts and more than 300,000 vehicles.

                    It will be a big challenge for the car, side by side and truck drivers that will participate in a large-scale rally-raid, adhering to the demanding Dakar standards. The route will also have a wide-ranging character, knowing that the special stages in Inner Mongolia visited by the Dakar Series China Rally will be mostly all-new and that have never been featured in other rallies.
                    The route concocted by the rally's Sporting Director and former world rally-raid champion, Tiziano Siviero puts the emphasis on crossing technics. The choice was more than anything else dictated by the nature of the terrain. “I have never seen so much sand in my life”, admits Siviero who also had a hand in the planning of the routes for the Dakar since its debut in South America. The seven days of competition represent a total distance of nearly 3,000 kilometres. The crews will discover, for example, the Badai Jaran Desert, where the crews will be navigating between dunes and lakes.



                    A new event was announced at the Shanghai Auto Show during a very unique Dakar Tour: the first edition of the Dakar Series China Rally will be held from September 24-30 in Inner Mongolia.Open to car crews, the rally organised by FB Life Racing Planet and A.S.O. is a springboard towards the Dakar for the many Chinese competitors who are getting their start in the sport.

                      These newcomers have someone to aspire to. In 2015, Yong Zhou finished 13th overall on the Dakar in his seventh participation. He set the bar for all other Chinese competitors to reach on the Dakar and the next generation is ready to take it to the next level.

                      Off-road racing interest is taking hold in China, recalled Xin Hua, the founding President of FB Life Racing Planet, the biggest motor sports enthusiast community in China, during the Shanghai Auto Show.

                      The drivers, who have essentially competed amongst themselves, will now take part in a world-class event. Starting this coming September, the Dakar Series China Rally that will be held in Inner Mongolia will feature the best teams from around China, with the aim of offering them an intermediate challenge capable of raising them to the level needed if they are to one day take part in the Dakar.

                      With Alxa serving as the start and arrival city, and during six days of competition programmed, the physical and technical aptitudes of the competitors will be to the test on dune stages in the heart of the legendary Badan Jaran and Tengger Deserts. The region will lend itself perfectly for a test rally for the drivers and teams who plan to race for the win in the 2018 Dakar, as well as for those who will take part in their maiden Dakar next January. This will be the case, for example, for the best Chinese crew, who will win free entry for the 2018 Dakar, provided they never participated in it before.

                      FB Life:With a community of 7.5 million active members, FB Life is an outdoor culture group as well as a media giant and E-commerce platform. Also, through FB Life Racing Planet, it offers a new international platform focusing on technology and events such as the Dakar Series China Rally and the HERO Alxa festival, bringing together nearly 2 million people.


                      The Dakar Series China Rally is the new Dakar-labeled event, joining for 2017 the Afriquia Merzouga Rally. The first edition will be held from 24th to 30th of September in China, in the Alxa province of Inner Mongolia.

                      Open to the Car, Side by Side and truck categories, the rally will allow pilots to cross the scenic desert landscapes of the region, challenging a route of 7 demanding special stages, in the heart of the sand dunes of Inner Mongolia. Participants will have the opportunity to live an authentic Dakar experience before, maybe, taking up the challenge of the hardest rally raid in the world.

                      The route of this new event is created by Dakar experts, based on the standards of the most prestigious rally raid in the world. The race will serve as a gateway to the Dakar. Conferences about piloting and navigation will be led by an experienced Dakar pilot.