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Media offers

During the last event, 190 countries received images of Dakar intended for 1 billion television viewers. The reputation of the Dakar social networks is also growing strongly.

Faced with this new media phenomenon, ASO offers you the opportunity to develop your broadcast network or to supply your own communication tools with the content and film formats available.
Communicating on your sporting performance and developing your visibility, isn't this a good way to build your partners' loyalty and excite your fans on the other side of the world?

What content and tools are offered by ASO to supply my Internet site?

Various types of content exist to enhance your, or your team's, Internet site for the Dakar Rally:

During the rally

Live tracking:

This application lets your associates follow your route in real time, with your various transition times, intermediate classifications, dispatches from the race, an interactive map,… This turnkey package can be personalised to display the competitors of your choice and integrate your promotional banner within the application.

Standard daily clip:

We produce summaries with commentaries in English, French and Spanish on the high points of the day's stage with: 14 x 3 minute clips in the Car/Motorbike category and 5 x 2 minute clips in the Quad/Lorry category

After the rally

Personalised DVD:

A 4-minute clip containing the images of your participation mixed with a compilation of the best images and high points from the rally. This DVD is supplied at the end of the rally. You can use these images to seek sponsors for your next participation in the Dakar, making them available on your Internet site.

Do any other video formats exist?

Other clip formats are possible:

  • Personalised videos: programmes dedicated to a specific team or competitor. This format can be adapted to your requirements using a video, with several clips delivered during the rally or the whole delivered at the end of the rally, with or without image editing. See the media department about this personalised service.
  • Summary videos of the race: daily and weekly 26-minute programmes supplied with commentary in English. These programmes highlight the high points of the race and the best stage of the day; for TV usage only

/!\ Caution: Using these videos requires prior negotiation of specific media rights.


DNew Media rights/content:

TV & Corporate rights/content: Cédric Rampelberg

Rights usage

What are the conditions under which Dakar clips can be used?

There are several media on which Dakar images can be used: Internet, television and various communication operations.
In these three cases, the possibility of using the images is subject to certain restrictions related to the use of rights.


  • Personalised video content in particular may be used on the competitor's Internet site, shared on social networks (competitor's official account only) and the competitor's official YouTube channel only.
  • The use of images for any internal and/or external communication for a company or sponsor is strictly prohibited (ie: company or sales-force conventions, use in public or professional exhibitions, whether payable or free, promotional operations and events in public places, etc.).
  • No sub-licensing or distribution rights to third-parties outside the competitor's site; the access to video content must be free for users and it must not be able to be downloaded. No advertising/monetisation/sponsoring is possible around/on/in the video clip.
  • Any other use of Dakar images outside the framework defined above is prohibited and must be subject to the prior agreement of ASO.
  • It is strictly prohibited for the sponsor and/or any company to associate their name/logo with the Dakar images/name/logo.


  • The "race summary" videos and personalised videos may be used on television, either in programmes dedicated to the Dakar Rally, or in general and/or sporting news bulletins.
  • Before making any approaches to television channels, please contact Cédric Rampelberg ( to assess the television rights available in the territory for the competitor in question.

Corporate rights (closed circuits, conventions, seminars, sales networks)

  • Personalised videos may be used by the teams/manufacturers to promote their corporate image and communicate only within closed circuits (manufacturer's distribution networks, exhibitions, seminars, internal conventions, etc.).



Official TV broadcasters