The countdown to the Dakar is underway and the whole off-road rally family will soon be reunited!
Before they embark upon the Argentine route, competitors in the 2017 edition will follow a tight schedule combining physical preparation, mechanical fine-tuning and logistical adjustments. The following deadlines are not to be missed:

November 24/25 - Port du Havre

New for 2017, the European vehicles will undergo scrutineering before setting off for South America. In all, more than 600 vehicles (organization, media, competitors) will take to the sea for the three-week crossing of the Atlantic.

December 5 - The Asunción Manzana de la Rivera cultural center

Press conference and meeting with the Paraguayan competitors followed by the inauguration of the “Dakar Expo”, which is an area to learn about the rallying universe. Free admission to the public until 15 January.

December 6 - Buenos Aires

Press conference and meeting with the Argentinean competitors.

December 8 - La Paz

Press conference and meeting with the Bolivian competitors. Inauguration of the Dakar Expo at the Estación Taypi Uta, the nerve center of the convergence of the La Paz cable lines. Free admission to the public.

December 27/28/29 - Euroamerica port area

At Zarate in the Argentinean province of Buenos Aires, the competitors are invited to recuperate their vehicles. The journey begins with a more than 1,000-kilometre trip to Asunción.

December 29 - Ferias Dakar

In the 14 Argentinean provinces concerned by the passing of the Dakar, the community of rally enthusiasts are invited to enjoy the atmosphere in the days leading up to the arrival of the competitors: (simulators, games, demonstrations, concerts, etc.). The dates of the programme: Formosa (29 December), Resistencia (30 December), Monte Quemado (1 January), Tucumán (2 January), Jujuy (3+4 January), Salta (6+7 January), Catamarca (8 January), Chilecito (09 January), San Juan (10 January), Lujan (11 January), Rio Cuarto (12 January), Rosario (13 January), Buenos Aires (14 January).

December 30/31 - January 1 - Scrutineering at Asunción

Over two and a half days, the competitors will present themselves for the administrative scrutineering at the Conmebol convention center. They will then head to the Base Aerea Nu Guazu to present their vehicles for inspection by the technical stewards. At the end of this process they will receive official authorization to participate! The public is invited to encourage the competitors at the “Start Village”, as well as the podium in front of the Palacio de Lopez presidential palace.

January 2 - 1st stage of the 2017 Dakar

January 7 - Parade and podium at La Paz

After completing stage six, the crews will be welcomed in the heart of La Paz for a mid-race podium ceremony. They will then head to the bivouac by parading on a circuit where they will receive congratulations and encouragement from the Bolivian public.

January 8 - La Paz, rest day

The Dakar will take a pause in the highest altitude capital in the world. In order to enjoy this break in the best conditions, the bivouac will be installed at the lowest altitude site of the city… at 3,300m above sea level.

January 14 - Finish at Buenos Aires

Before heading to the arrival podium located in front of the Argentine Automobile Club (ACA), the heroes of the 39th edition will take part in a final special loop stage that will finish at the Rio Cuarto bivouac.



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