Stage 4 - 01/07/2015 - Chilecito/Copiapó

  • Chilecito

  • Copiapó

Chilecito- La Rioja

Coordinates: 29° 9'57.46"S // 67°29'60.00"O

Chilecito is located 198km from the city of La Rioja and is the second city of the province. It is situated at the foot ofthe Nevado de Famatina mountain (6,200m) in the Antinaco-Los Colorados Valleyand surroundedby the Sierra de Famatina and Sierra de Velasco. It was founded by Domingo de Castro y Bazán in 1715 underthe name of Santa Rita, and was later called Villa Argentina and finally Chilecito.


Points of interest

  • La Rioja

  • Talampaya National Park

  • La Rioja, through Ruta 40

  • Cable Car Chilecito – La Mejicana

  • Cuesta de Miranda

Coordinates of La Rioja: 29°54'0.62"S // 66°59'55.68"O

La Rioja: vines between olive trees (La Rioja Province)

In the province of the imposing Talampaya National Park, an eco-tourist circuit allows you to discover the flavour of a truly Argentinean grape: torrontés. The arid mountain terrain is nurtured by the generous desert soilproduces a unique wine: the torrontés of La Rioja.



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