Stage 3 - 01/06/2015 - San Juan/Chilecito

  • San Juan

  • Chilecito

San Juan

Coordinates: 30°52'20.85"S // 68°31'28.97"O

The city of San Juan was founded by Juan Jufré, on 13th June 1562, in the Valley of Tucuma, the land of the Huarpe Indians, underthe name San Juan de laFrontera. The layout of the city drew from the characteristics of Spanish villages in the Indies from the colonial era. San Juan Bautista(Saint John the Baptiste) was named as patron saint of the city, and is still venerated today.

The city was destroyed by an earthquake on 15th January 1944, however it re-emerged from the ruins, thanks to the tenacity of its inhabitants.

It is recommended to visit the Natural Sciences Museum, the museum of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s home, The Don Julio olive museum and Historical Nacif Weiss Museum. Other favourites are the cell of San Martín, the Chapter House and Annex Gallery in the Santo Domingo Convent,the San Martin Museum and the wildlifePark.

Points of interest

  • Ischigualasto Provicinial Park

  • Land of Syrah

  • Ullum Reservoir

  • Zonda Gorge

  • San Juan Cathedral

Coordinates: 30° 7'25.06"S // 68° 0'0.20"O

Ischigualasto, the mysteries of the lunar valley (San Juan Province)

A heritage related experience: “An unforgettable adventure” (containing the imposing Talampaya National Park and IschigualastoProvincial Park, the mysterious lunar valley).

Ischigualasto is located in the mysterious Lunar Valley, where nature has been at work for more than 200 million years, producing a Landscape from another planet.

You can enjoy this adventure onfoot, by bicycle or in a 4x4, always with authorised guides from the park. Nocturnal excursions amidst these natural beauties area unique and unforgettable experience, for the eyes and for the mind.



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