Stage 2 - 01/05/2015 - Villa Carlos Paz/San Juan

  • Villa Carlos Paz

  • San Juan

Ville de Carlos Paz - Córdoba

Coordinates: 31°25'15.65"S // 64°29'58.00"W

Punilla Valley, flanked by the Sierras Chicas to the east and a series of ranges that alternate with the plateaus and plains of the Sierras Grandes to the west, is Córdoba Province’s greatest touristic asset. The most prominent landmarks include Los Gigantes (2,374 m) near Tanti, the easier peaks of Pan de Azúcar (1,260 m) near Cosquín and Uritorco (1,979 m), located a stone’s throw away from Los Terrones, a Tertiary red sandstone formation moulded by erosion.

Numerous ponds and streams dot the landscape. San Roque Lake, Villa Carlos Paz and La Flada dyke provide a venue for water sports. The town, located 36 from Córdoba, on the shore of San Roque lake, at the lowest point of Punilla Valley, is one of the province’s top tourist attractions.

Points of interest

  • Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

  • Walks of History

  • San Roque Dam

  • Cosquín

  • Sierras of Córdoba

Coordinates: 32° 4'3.84"S // 64°32'59.08"W

Flavours of the Sierras (Córdoba Province – Santa Rosa de Calamuchita)

Córdoba Province is one of Argentina’s leading cultural and economic centres. For tourists, it provides endless opportunities to enjoy nature, practise adventure sports, discover historical and archaeological treasures, meet one of the most festive populations in the Southern Hemisphere and, of course, taste unique flavours. Córdoba’s gastronomy has been influenced by many different types of cuisine, including the legacy of a Jesuit past and the diverse immigrant communities that have called this region home since the 19th century. The province is criss-crossed by culinary routes that go through different areas, each showcasing its characteristic dishes and ingredients. The city of Córdoba has a treasure trove of avant-garde and bohemian flavours, delicacies of signature cuisine, excellent dishes of international cuisine and others typical of Argentina and the region. The cheeses and cold cuts of Colonia Caroya and the barbeques of Jesús María are best paired with regional artisan wines. In Calamuchita, specialities of Central European cooking can be sampled with delicious locally brewed beers produced in Villa General Belgrano. The north of the province, in Quilino and Dean Funes, is where the most delicious goats are reared. The south is home to sprawling peanut plantations. In the Mar Chiquita area, otters and freshwater fish are the stars of top-notch meals. Meanwhile, in Traslasierra Valley, travellers with a sweet tooth can enjoy home-made desserts, pastries and irresistible alfajores, while in Mina Clavero, Villa Dolores and other nearby settlements, people grow aromatic herbs to flavour organic products and produce honey from beehives.



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