Stage 12 - 01/16/2015 - Termas de rio hondo - Santiago del Estero/Rosario - Santa Fé

  • Termas de rio hondo - Santiago del Estero

  • Rosario - Santa Fé

Termas de rio hondo - Santiago del Estero

Coordinates: 27°29'39.30"S // 64°51'28.04"O

This winter tourism centre, situated 67 kilometres from Santiago del Estero, owes its fame to its closeness to the thermal beaches of Río Hondo, close to the Dulce River, called YucaRupaj by the Indians of Upper Peru.

The Thermal Springs of Río Hondo are located on National Road 9 and lie over a mineral-thermal spring with a radius of 15 km, consisting of 14 mesothermal aquifers with a great variety of minerals and wonderful healing qualities. The city has a great tourism infrastructure, with many hotels and various recreational, sporting, gastronomical and musical activities, among others. Its average annual temperature means it can be visited all year round.

The National Centre of Congresses and Conventions, and the General San Martin Cultural Centre, are venues for concerts, theatre plays and national and international congresses. Recommended visits, among others, are the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the neoclassical-style Provincial Casino.

In Güemes Park stands the San Martín Cultural and Crafts centre with weaved objects on sale, expressions of an ancient artisanal tradition passed down from generation to generation.


Points of interest

  • Termas de Río Hondo

  • Santiago del Estero

  • Flavours of the Chacarera

  • Río Hondo Reservoir

  • Autodrome

Coordinates: 27°29'39.30"S // 64°51'28.04"O

Termas de Río Hondo, the spa of Latinoamérica: (Santiago del Estero Province)

The waters that emerge from deep inside the earth provide an experience of calm, relaxation and healing that soothes us and restores health to our bodies thanks to their properties. Travellers can enjoy the thermal baths in the different centres of this resort, sometimes even in their hotel rooms! The best seasons to come are autumn and winter.



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