Stage 11 - 01/15/2015 - Salta/Termas de rio hondo - Santiago del Estero

  • Salta

  • Termas de rio hondo - Santiago del Estero


Coordinates: 25°15'10.63"S // 64°42'58.47"O

Salta was founded on 16thApril 1582 by Don Hernando de Lerma and is located at the foot of theFebruary 20thand San Bernardo hills in the Lerma Valley. It conserves a typically colonial appearance, which contrasts with modern commercial areas and green spaces. Among these are San Martin Park and the February 20thPark, where the Battle of Salta took place in 1813. There are also many historical monuments to visit: the Cabildo, the Cathedral, the houses of national heroes such as Uriburu, Arias, Rengel, Otero, Hernández, Arias Velázques and Zorrilla; San Francisco church, San Bernardo Convent and the America Cultural Centre (ex Government House).

The city also has museums such as the History of the North Museum, the Museum of the Home, Uses and Customs (Uriburu’s House); the Fine Arts Museum (Arias Rengel’s House); the Pajarito Velarde Folklore Museum; the Juan Martín Leguizamón Museum; the Natural Sciences Museum; and the Archaeology and Folklore of the High Mountains Museum (known as the MAAM).


Points of interest

  • MAAM

  • Folk Music Gatherings

  • Salta

  • The Train of the Clouds

  • Cafayate

Coordinates: 24°47'20.41"S // 65°24'39.88"O


Inaugurated on November 20th 2004,it has two rooms, one for temporary exhibitions and the other where the three mummies of Llullaillaco are displayed. These mummies were discovered in 1999on the highest volcano in Salta, at 6,730meters.



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