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That's when the chassis broke

Here's what happened: suddenly, I noticed that something was wrong with the front part of the buggy. The steering was awkward. It was moving. When I put the brakes on, the wheels blocked. So we decided to stop and see what the problem was. And that's when the chassis broke. Timo [Gottshalk] succeeded in fixing the triangle and we managed to get to the bivouac like that.


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We'll try to enjoy it

It was really very hard. We started first car and finished first car, but Stéphane followed us and he won the stage. I'm quite happy with the performance. Today the dunes were very hard, very difficult, because there is no road and we tried to be careful with the direction and the way points. The Mini is a good car, but we're still disappointed from the one hour penalty. We'll try to keep going now until the finish and we'll see if we can get onto the podium or not. One hour to lose is not easy because there are a lot of good drivers. But we are still here and we'll try to enjoy it.


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It's not my goal to finish second

Today it was a stage for us. We attacked full throttle and tried to follow Nasser. We could see his dust all day, but I was never able to catch him. For sure, I am in a good position because I have no pressure because I am not the leader. Now I'm trying to drive as fast as possible. I'm taking real pleasure in it now, because I have nothing to lose. At the end I'm second and it's not my goal to finish second. So I will push and we will see what happens.


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Anything can happen

It was ok. We lost some minutes at the end with a puncture. We were in the dunes making loops with the tyre gone and it was difficult to change, but it was only three minutes, nothing more. The race is still on. Anything can happen. It's a nice Dakar. Stéphane and Nasser were pushing like crazy. We try to keep up with their speed without mistakes, but it will be difficult, you know, because in the dunes the difference can be very big.


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We knew it would be difficult

We lost a bit of time at the end because we got stuck on the crest of a dune. We'll just continue to grit our teeth and fight. We knew it would be difficult and that Stéphane is very good on this type of terrain. I'm ready for everything. Tomorrow it will be Stéphane who will open the road and we'll be there to attack, which we weren't able to do today, because we came down hard after a jump at the beginning of the stage, which gave both of us a bad back.



Stage report

Coma hammers the result home while ‘Peter' closes the gap

On a 9th stage dominated by the sand, Marc Coma made his mark and reinforced his lead in the general standings whilst picking up his 23rd special stage victory on the Dakar, his second in 2014, 1'21 ahead of his now sole rival, Joan Barreda, and 5'28 in front of Frenchman Cyril Despres. In the car category, all-out attack brought an excellent result for... [more]


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