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Let's wait and see

I'm happy with the day, but it was hard, probably one of the hardest stages that I've ever driven. We tried to do our best and to just get through it. We got stuck in the sand a bit, but only lost ten minutes. The others had bigger problems than us. I'd like to thank Michel (Perrin) my co-pilot who is doing a great job. We're here. We're still alive, but there is still a lot of racing to do. Let's wait and see.


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We had a problem finding the way point

First of all we had a problem to find the way point. We couldn't find it. We need to check now what has happened because I think we have been passing really, really close… I don't know. Then as we were going up and down trying to find it at one moment we had a problem with the car. We had to stop and one of the electrical connections was coming out.


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The most difficult Dakar stage in South America

It's one of the most difficult Dakar stages that I have ever raced in South America. We weren't very good with finding the way point. We lost time and started to make a lot of loops with Nasser and Stéphane. Michel my co-pilot did a very good job. We are here and we are happy. I am looking to get above the position of Nasser and we will be second. This is a good result close to the middle of the race.


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The hardest stage since we have been in South America

Probably today it was the hardest stage since we have been in South America, since the last five years. It was not easy. There was a lot of off-track camel grass and also the navigation was not easy, so we lost a lot of time because we didn't find a way point, but at least we are here at the finish.


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A pretty good day

We had a pretty good day except in the first part of the special with the way point where everyone was really looking for the place. The good thing is that we did not have any power-steering problems today, but unfortunately we lost our brakes 15 km from the finish. We stopped and tried to see what the problem was and it looks like there's a problem at the back. We stopped for about one and a half minutes to have a look and obviously just had to come in slowly because my pedal is completely on the floor. It was a very tough day today – really hard for the car. I think a lot of guys will maybe sleep out there in the desert tonight.


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What's another drink of water when you're drowning? One more sip isn't going to hurt

I think is more than an issue with the car. We cruised the whole special and to finish third is amazing. We all searched around for the way point before the transfer on the special and we missed a way point. Carlos missed a way point. I think Al-Attiyah missed a way point, so that's going to put us all in a really bad shape. I was already in a bad shape, so what's that saying? What's another drink of water when you're drowning? One more sip isn't going to hurt.


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We still have ten days left

From the navigation side of things it was very tough. What can we do? We lost a lot of minutes, but we are here and we still have ten days left. We'll try to do our best. We must really push a lot now. We'll see.



Stage report

Coma and Roma fly the flag for Catalonia

Marc Coma, the three times winner of the event, put distance between himself and his rivals on the day's stage, which was partially shortened due to the extreme temperatures threatening the safety of the bikers. His neighbour Nani Roma regained the lead of the car race, with more than half an hour's lead over his closest rival, Nasser Al Attiyah. Gerard... [more]


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