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The navigation was difficult

It was a difficult stage. Physically, but the navigation was difficult, with two difficult points. The first one, after the off-track part, to find the way point was not easy. Then at the finish of the stage in the river it was very difficult and everybody was lost. I got lost also but not so much so I'm happy because I rode a good stage.


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It was really tough

It was not an easy stage, really hot with soft sand and camel grass for seventy or eighty kilometres. It was really tough. Also the navigation was really complicated and I was looking for a way point which was not really great from my side of things. And then I ran out of fuel.


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Another tough day

It was another tough day. It was really hot out there. It's also difficult in terms of navigation as well because of the rain last week which makes it difficult to see anything. To get to the end of the stage, I rode for 10 km lost in a river bed. In general, it's tough for everyone. For the race lead, you can lose lots of time at any moment. When you open the way, it's a bit like playing Russian roulette.


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I had problems with the fuel

A really, really hard stage. I had a problem on the first kilometres at the start with the fuel system. I lost about twenty minutes there, but after that I could start again and I got back some time. Finally, after some difficult navigation I arrived at the finish of the special behind Marc, but the problem was that I had to go back for a way point and I had problems with the fuel again. I lost a lot of time trying to repair this problem. It's ok because I'm here at the finish and many rivals also had problems. So the race continues and it's important that we try to do a good job on the next days.



Stage report

Coma and Roma fly the flag for Catalonia

Marc Coma, the three times winner of the event, put distance between himself and his rivals on the day's stage, which was partially shortened due to the extreme temperatures threatening the safety of the bikers. His neighbour Nani Roma regained the lead of the car race, with more than half an hour's lead over his closest rival, Nasser Al Attiyah. Gerard... [more]


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