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The best special in two or three years!

It was terrific! A terrific special, I think it's the best one we've had in two or three years. We saw from the beginning that Karginov was too fast and we couldn't keep up with him, so we decided to drive at our own pace, without taking any risks, especially with the tyres. Nevertheless, we were in the link section when we noticed a tyre was slowly deflating and we had to stop to change it. In the second part we overtook Karginov, who had stopped on the left side of the course with a flat tyre. We made a small navigation mistake towards the end, when everyone went right but you actually had to go left, but it was no big deal. The only mishap was when I bumped my left wrist against the steering wheel, but it's nothing to be worried about: some ice, a cool bier and everything will be okay in time for tomorrow!


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A very tough special!

We went out all guns blazing this morning, but the special was very tough, with lots of dust and big rocks which made the course very tricky. We spent most of the day in front, but we had a puncture in the second part of the special and we lost some time changing the tyre, so De Rooy overtook us and it was already too late to catch up with him.



Stage report

The Despres Disaster and the Sainz Show

Stage 4 of the 2014 Dakar saw Juan Pedrero take his maiden win at the end of a special which dealt Cyril Despres' prospects a severe blow. The Frenchman slipped down the general classification after conceding over 40 minutes to his rivals. Carlos Sainz, who turned the race on its head after spending the entire stage on the attack, grabbed the win and... [more]


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