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Everyone made the same mistake

At the beginning we had to drive in the dust, but little by little we managed to overtake several cars. We also got a bit lucky when, about 10 km before the finish, our power steering broke down in a narrow spot amid all the vegetation, but we easily made it to the finish all the same. In the second part there was a waypoint where we went right, but after a while we realised it had to be on the other side, so we headed left and we found it. No big deal, I think everyone made the same mistake.


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We went the right way from the beginning

Things didn't start very well this morning. We had a flat tyre after 30 km! Not the best way to start the day. So we decided to set a consistent pace to try and avoid making mistakes. Towards the end, there was a waypoint that was quite hard to find, but we went the right way from the beginning by U-turning to look in the right direction, which helped us not to lose too much time. And, in the end, we did quite well.


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Happy with our performance

I'm quite happy because the only real mistake we made was following the other Minis in front, which must have cost us about 5 minutes before we decided to turn around and take the right direction. We also had a flat tyre. However, I think it was a rather good day overall and I'm happy with our performance.


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Today was a matter of surviving

It was a good day, but we had too many mechanicals! Once again, we had trouble with the power steering! The first part of the special went quite smoothly, but after 100 km in the second part we started to have problems with the steering power and we had to stop. In all honesty, I was quite amazed at our advantage over Sainz and Peterhansel, but it quickly melted away as we spent almost 15 minutes doing repairs. When we got going, we still had an oil leak in the pump of the power steering. We had to stop another four or five times to refill it with all the oil we had, but it wasn't enough. In the end, we were lucky a spectator gave us some oil to get going again, or we'd still be there. So, all in all, today was a matter of surviving...


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No mistakes

We had a good special without any particular problems apart from a few little navigation mistakes, but nothing really important. We set a decent pace and we even had some trouble with traffic and with Gordon's dust, but we managed to overtake him. So yes, a really good day, no mistakes, I'm happy!


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The best special in two or three years!

It was terrific! A terrific special, I think it's the best one we've had in two or three years. We saw from the beginning that Karginov was too fast and we couldn't keep up with him, so we decided to drive at our own pace, without taking any risks, especially with the tyres. Nevertheless, we were in the link section when we noticed a tyre was slowly deflating and we had to stop to change it. In the second part we overtook Karginov, who had stopped on the left side of the course with a flat tyre. We made a small navigation mistake towards the end, when everyone went right but you actually had to go left, but it was no big deal. The only mishap was when I bumped my left wrist against the steering wheel, but it's nothing to be worried about: some ice, a cool bier and everything will be okay in time for tomorrow!


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A very tough special!

We went out all guns blazing this morning, but the special was very tough, with lots of dust and big rocks which made the course very tricky. We spent most of the day in front, but we had a puncture in the second part of the special and we lost some time changing the tyre, so De Rooy overtook us and it was already too late to catch up with him.


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I saved the day

Everything seemed to be going smoothly but, towards the end of the stage, I think I misunderstood an entry in the roadbook. I took a wrong turn with 70-80 km to go. I'll have to double-check it later, because yesterday I read the roadbook several times and it said we had to go in this direction. We'll see, I lost lots of time because I had to backtrack and then I took a wrong turn. But it's because that's what the roadbook said. I read it properly. It's a lot of time, 20 to 25 minutes. I don't know what to say. Then, I got into a rocky area. It was tough. I was nervous. But I have to look on the bright side. I saved the day. I have to keep going and improving. Tomorrow will be another day, and both I and the motorcycle will be in good shape. Everything will go well.


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I was able to push hard towards the end

It was an excruciating stage. Yesterday was already tough, and today it was more of the same. The rain over the last few days meant you couldn't see the tracks at all. Actually, that wasn't what made today's stage difficult, rather, it was the ease with which people made mistakes. We found the right way and I was able to push hard towards the end. It's a very long rally. We knew the first week would be gruelling. You have to be consistent and take it one stage at a time. Cyril? You can never discount him. He's won this race five times. He knows what it's about. Anything can happen in this race.


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I need dunes

The tyres held up well. Everything went well in the marathon stage. But it was very tough. Yesterday was a technical, tricky stage. Today it was one river after the other. I need dunes, I need deserts…


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Cyril Despres: "The motorcycle doesn't miss a beat, and I'm in tip-top shape"

"Yesterday went great, it was one of the most beautiful specials I've ever done. Our strategy called for taking Michael Metge's wheel this morning because it was in better condition. Everything went well until km 170, but then we started to make small navigation mistakes, but we managed to stay on top of things with Marc. We were both there with 150 km to go, but 9 km before the end, my Iritrack support broke down and damaged the wires. The motorcycle ground to a halt and I worked hard until I found the problem: a short-circuit. Do I look disheartened? Well, I'm not. We've just finished stage 4 out of 13. The day I give up is the day I should pack up and go home. True, it's a big setback, but I love this race, and I know it's not over until it's over. I could have given up today, but I'm still here. The motorcycle doesn't miss a beat, and I'm in tip-top shape."


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We spent the entire day in front

"I'm very, very happy. Today's stage was difficult to navigate. We spent the entire day in front. The others must have gained lots of time on us because of this, but that's the way it is, I'm happy to be here and tomorrow will be another day."



Stage report

The Despres Disaster and the Sainz Show

Stage 4 of the 2014 Dakar saw Juan Pedrero take his maiden win at the end of a special which dealt Cyril Despres' prospects a severe blow. The Frenchman slipped down the general classification after conceding over 40 minutes to his rivals. Carlos Sainz, who turned the race on its head after spending the entire stage on the attack, grabbed the win and... [more]


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