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Like harmony!

I have to say I'm satisfied because yesterday it was really hell for us. I have to thank the machine because when she's listening to me and there is no technical trouble it's like harmony, you know, it's like a concert and we enjoy it. We are really focused on the rest of the stages and we hope we will continue like this.


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He must have put some pepper in his ass!

It was very tough. When we had to stop behind all the cars we were on the small bumps and it kills you. You get shaken; your heart, your kidneys... we felt everything. We drove a good race. We played it safe and didn't have any punctures. Suddenly Nikolaev passed us very quickly, so he must have put some pepper in his ass, and I couldn't keep up with him. But 15 km later he broke down with two front wheels completely broken, so he ran out of good luck. We drove the same race and we're happy with the result. There's a long way yet, but it was good.


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I want to congratulate the organisation

First the box that holds our drinks, the cooling box, broke loose, so it went jumping through the cabin. Then we had two punctures so we had to change tyres. Afterwards, my navigator had a big bang in his chest. He shouted, so I slowed down on the last part, because he has to see a doctor. It was a very nice Dakar stage. I want to congratulate the organisation for the stages so far, also for the new sentinel, it works perfectly. It's much safer than before, because I passed Van Vliet and I activated the sentinel. He signalled back to me and heard me, so it's much safer than before.



Stage report

Barreda is the best climber, Roma breaks away

In the lead since the start of the rally, Joan Barreda won his second special stage this year and now boasts a lead of more than 13' over Despres and Coma, the two other beneficiaries of a particularly decisive stage. The car race witnessed a perfect performance by Catalan driver Nani Roma in his Mini, who opened up a significant gap on his rivals, taking... [more]


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