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I won!

"I won! I'm over the moon, I'm lost for words. It's a flood of emotions. The last 20 to 30 kilometres were amazing: the crowds, people cheering me on, banners... It hasn't sunk in yet. I didn't even think of all this a few years ago. It's a huge effort that has borne fruit. I'd like to thank the Chilean government for the wildcards they helped me get, as well as my family, my friends and all my sponsors. Now it's time to rest and go on holiday. I hope all of Chile will revel in this victory. It's a triumph of hard work and passion, which proves you can go a long way if you do your best."


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It's a dream come true!

"I don't know if this was the most stressful thing I'd ever done, but it was very tough. The second week, with difficult, long stages, wasn't easy. We're happy, very happy with the work Michel [Périn] and I did. I'm going to revel in this. 10 years to the day after winning on a motorcycle, I've won in a car. It's a dream come true. My former co-driver Henri Magne and his wife Lucette are in my thoughts. This victory is for Henri..."


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I'm going to savour this victory!

"These are really strong, personal feelings. It represents a shedload of sacrifices and hard work. It's an extreme race with ups and downs. Looking back, I remember being unable to start last year's race. And yet I'm here now, I've won. I'd like to thank those around me who made this comeback possible. Every time I win this rally, I say I'm going to savour it. I'll do it with my loved ones, my family. I don't know if I'll ever win it again. I'll try, I'll work hard for it, but it's a very complicated rally."


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I spent all week long thinking of this

"This edition was filled with emotions and had a difficult first week. I gave it my all throughout the second week... and I achieved my objective, a podium place. I'd prepared for it, but the field was strong. I was 40 minutes behind the podium on the rest day, and I spent all week long thinking of this. I inched closer to Jordi bit by bit, and then I benefitted from Joan's bad luck yesterday. Then I had to see off Cyril... It was never easy. I wasn't nervous this morning, just looking forward to the finish."


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I'm ovwehelmed

"I'm overwhelmed. It's a big thing for me, especially after the year I went through. I'm over the moon with this result."


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Frustrated with the final result

"Let's look on the bright side of things. The car didn't miss a beat, it took anything we threw at it, like usual, and we had lots of fun driving. But I'm frustrated with the final result. The third thing I want to say is that Nani's my friend, and I'm pleased to see him happy because it's been his dream for ten years, since he shifted to a car."


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A bit disappointed

I'm a bit disappointed not to be on the podium. But we've got to be realistic, we weren't as good as the Minis this year, especially at high altitude, and to make matters worse we lost too much time at the beginning due to problems with our power steering. In a race as difficult as this year's, it's impossible to clawback the time lost at the beginning, but I want to thank my team nevertheless for their outstanding work to solve the problem. On the other hand, we showed the car's reliable. That being said, we'll go back to South Africa to work on boosting our machine's performance even more and do better next year. Of course, I also wish to congratulate Nani [Roma], Stéphane [Peterhansel] and Nasser [Al-Attiyah], who did a good job and deserved their places in the final classification.


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No regrets

"I gave it my all until the end, but that's racing. This is what I love about competing: never giving up. It was important for me to leave with no regrets. It was a fun, positive experience; another Dakar under my belt. We tried, we thought we could do it... and we learned lots of things. I can tell you it's not easy to develop a motorcycle for the Dakar in a matter of months, but we tried."


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We're fast enough to win

"It feels good to be on the podium, and even more so to see a Mini whitewash of the podium. But, of course, when I crossed the line I thought straight away of the one-hour penalty which prevented me from being in the mix. But we did manage to climb from fifth to third, which isn't half-bad, and this is my third podium finish. Things would've been different without the penalty. We're fast enough, we proved it by grabbing two stages, which shows we could have won too."



Stage report

Dakar, Catalan style: Coma takes his fourth and Roma joins the pantheon

The toughest Dakar held in South America, with just 204 vehicles (78 motorcycles, 15 quads, 61 cars and 50 trucks, or 47% of those that started) making it to the finish, was dyed in the red and yellow colours of Catalonia. With Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms taking the top two places in the motorcycle category and Nani Roma winning in a car race ten years... [more]


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