The vehicule   !

  • Engine type : BMW 3.o ltr diesel
  • Output : 260/285 (BHP), 650/700
  • Assistance : Rally Raid International, Aldo Racing
  • Weight : 1875
  • Performance tuner : Aldo racing

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    THE DRIVER   !Twitter

    • Date of birth: 30/03/1970 at CANADA
    • Height / weight: 1.98 / 125
    • Situation: Marié, 3 enfants
    • Hobbies: snowboarding, enduro bikes; kids
    • Sponsors: Aldo group, Overseas Transport System, Vitesse Transport, ES Walter Shoe Care, Multi Art Marketing

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    THE CO-DRIVER   !Twitter

    • Date of birth: 14/11/1975 at LONGUEUIL
    • Height / weight: 1.78 / 78
    • Situation: Célibataire
    • Hobbies: bikes
    • Sponsors: Aldo group, Overseas Transport System, Vitesse Transport, ES Walter Shoe Care, Multi Art Marketing

“I find normal life to be boring…”

What a journey it's been for David Bensadoun. When first seeing the Dakar competitors go by his relatives' house in France, during his Christmas Holidays, he knew he would one day be part of the adventure. Thirty years later, in a car alongside compatriot Patrick Beaulé, he was part of the first ever Canadian crew to finish the event. A successful businessman, Bensadoun returned with even bigger ambitions but sadly had to quit after two days for mechanical reasons on his Desert Warrior 3. For 2014, the Canadian will again match up with his compatriot Patrick Beaulé who lived his dream of doing the Dakar on a bike last year (62nd overall). David hopes to make it to the Top 30 but primarily wants to have fun. Once again, the Canadian will use the Dakar to raise money for the fight against AIDS through a concept called “Aldo Fights AIDS”. He will be giving out 10 000 awareness packs to spectators during the Dakar.

D.B.: “Every single day, I think about my first experience on the Dakar. Everything was amazing: the landscapes, the atmosphere, the people. We were astonished by the magnitude of the event. The day the rally ended, I knew I was going to come back. I find normal life to be boring. The Dakar pushes me in a way that normal life doesn't. Last year we wanted to go one step higher and built a new car but didn't have time to really test it. Our goal was to reach the rest day. On day two we had oil pump issues and the engine seized. My co-driver (Paul Round) was crying… For this one we've tested thoroughly. We went to Morocco for 8 days, did the Spanish Baja and tested again in the UK during three days. We built and un-built the car twice so we're very well prepared. I hope for a top 30 position but first of all I want to have fun like in 2012 with Patrick (Beaulé). Now he's achieved his dream of doing the Dakar on a bike, he'll be back in the car. On a longer term, we want to be the best amateur team.”

Dakar record (since 1999)

2013: Ab. Stage 2
2012: 39th

Other palmares

Spanish Baja

Dakar record (since 1999)

2013: 62nd (bike)
2012: 39th (Car with Bensadoun)

Other palmares






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