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  • Output : 700 cc
  • Assistance : Yamaha Argentina
  • Performance tuner : Yamaha Argentina

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    • Date of birth: 01/02/1981 at LAS FLORES ARGENTINA
    • Height / weight: 1.78 / 78
    • Situation: Célibataire
    • Hobbies: Música, Marcos tiene su propia banda, Capitán Nightrain, en honor a una canción de Guns N’ Roses.
    • Sponsors: Yamaha Argentina, Red Bull, Duralite, Bardahl, Bell Helicopter, Axo, Maxion, Cessna.

“I am proud to be part of a big team”

His resume is already mightily impressive. In five participations Marcos Patronelli has two victories (2010 and 2013) and two runner-up results (2009 and 2012). He embodies the Dakar for all of his fellow Argentineans, who come out in droves to root him on, on all the stages and even the liaison sectors. With 14 stage wins, Patronelli is already the most successful Latin American competitor in Dakar history. His popularity continues to grow and yet this is just his sixth Dakar with the Yamaha Racing Argentina team. For the 2014 Dakar he will rely on what has worked for him in the past and says he is just happy to take part…but can anyone doubt his desire to win?

M.P.: “When Yamaha Argentina asked me to do it again I once again accepted. And this is my 6th Dakar. I am in a big team where I know I have full support. It is a great honor to compete for Yamaha alongside a rider like Cyril Despres. As is the case each year, I think this Dakar will be very difficult and demanding. My brother Alejandro won't be racing due to professional commitments, because both of us can't be away from the family business. The most difficult portion will be the marathon stage in Bolivia. The only thing I know is that is a hard surface stage at an altitude of between 3,500 and 3700 meters. It won't be a problem for the riders but the quads will lose power. But it will be the same for everyone. Am I going to win? Well, I always give the same answer: I take part and run my race.”


  • Stage 2

    The Dakar starts today

    It's a good day because I've got it over and done with, because it was very tough. I had to adjust the four tyres before entering the Nuhuil dunes. I crossed them with one of the wheels too deflated. It was losing air and 50 km from the finish, it hit a stone which meant I had to change it. In the end, I have to admit that I'm surprised, because with all the problems I had, I thought that the other quads would catch me up. You could say that the Dakar starts today. It was a genuine Dakar stage… The dunes were very hot and as a result it was difficult to get across them. Today there is going to be a lot of changes in the general standings.
  • Stage 1

    "I took care of the quad"

    "I didn't particularly like this stage, to be honest. There were pitfalls everywhere, so I had some trouble finding my rhythm. I also wanted to take care of the quad and forget about speed, but the other competitors pulled out all the stops. I really took care of the quad today."

Dakar record (since 1999)

2013: 1° (4 victorias de etapa)
2012: 2° (3 victorias de etapa)
2011: abandono en la etapa 4
2010: 1° (4 victorias de etapa)
2009: 2° (3 victorias de etapa)

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