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  • Output : 450 cc
  • Assistance : no
  • Performance tuner : own

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    • Date of birth: 13/10/1966 at WOKINGHAM
    • Height / weight: 1.80 / 80
    • Situation: Divorcé, 1 enfant
    • Hobbies: off-road biking, staying fit, outdoor sports
    • Sponsors: L52, CBRE, Michelin, Powershield, Norland, Steadberry, Woods
    • Website: http://pauljaydakar.com/

“Malle moto: that's old school Dakar!”

His time came last year, but his journey was way too short. After years of considering and trying to be at the start of the Dakar, Paul Jay finally lived his childhood dream. The Brit sadly crashed at the bottom of a dune on day 2 and dislocated a shoulder. After several months of treatment he'll be back to finish off what he started in 2013. But for this one, Paul has decided to do it the hard way. He will indeed be registered in the malle-moto class for riders without any assistance. On his Honda CRF450X that he worked on in his shed and rode in the British Enduro Championship to get accustomed to, PJ wants to live a real adventure. Used to enduro six-day events (ISDE), his goal, other than finishing, is to make it inside the Top 50.

“I've dreamt of the Dakar ever since watching it on TV. I'd been waiting to do it for the last ten years. Sadly on day 2 I dislocated my shoulder at the bottom of a dune. I couldn't quite see the horizon and there was an 80ft drop that I misjudged. It was carnage at the bottom. The doctor who treated me on site told me I had that look in the eye. He knew I would come back. I stayed on the race until the finish to understand it better. It's a humbling experience. Now is it more disappointing to quit after day 2 or day 14? Anyhow, I'll certainly celebrate if I get through day 2 this time. This time I'm doing it in the malle-moto class. That's old school Dakar. I'm really looking for that camaraderie between twenty guys. I've chosen a bike for its reliability rather than performance. It's a Honda I built in my shed. I trust the bike; I know the slightest noise it might make. I'm a competitor so I'm aiming at Top 50 but I want this Dakar to be an adventure. I've limited myself in what I'm taking with me. Simple things to think about. Last year, I had taken the wrong tent, the wrong sleeping bag.”

Dakar record (since 1999)

2013: Ab. Stage 2

Other palmares

2013 British enduro championship
ISDE races
Morocco Rally





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