Prepare your budget

In order to prepare your event properly, two items have to be taken into consideration:


A.S.O. registrations fees

  • Individual fee for each person on the vehicle
  • Vehicle(s) fee(s)
  • Possible additional fees related to the oversized vehicle


In September, we will communicate you the list of the nationalities concerned by the visas procedures and the contact of one supplier able to do the visas formalities towards the embassies on your behalf.



Each rider must have a 2014 FIM international license. The original license must be presented on the day of the administrative checks in Rosario.


Each racer must have a 2014 FIA international license. The original license must be presented on the day of the administrative checks in Rosario.

For all nationalities, to get the international ICCCR FIA licence, you must:

  • Have been recently holder of an international competitor – driver C or ICCCR FIA licence.
  • Be holder of a national licence and have participated at least in 2 national races, the year preceding your demand of FIA licence.
    For example: to get the 2014 ICCCR FIA licence, you must take part in 2 national races in 2013.

In any case, the competitors who have never hold a licence must contact their national federation as soon as possible.

Licenses are not required for the assistance category.


For motorbikes, fuel in special is included in the vehicle fee (not on road section and bivouacs). In special stages, A.S.O. will provide a 95-octane Super unleaded gasoline.

For cars and trucks, A.S.O. will provide fuel only when there are no petrol stations in the bivouacs surroundings. This service will be recharged and you should do the fuel order towards the Competitor’s Department.

Local petrol stations will be indicated in the road book. A description of the stages and their distances in kilometers will be mailed out in October so that you can prepare your refuelling plan.

Please find below the Peruvian, Argentinean and Chilean fuel prices on March 2013 (these prices are indicative only):

  95-octane Petrol 98-octane Petrol Diesel
Argentina ≈ 7,14 argentinean pesos / liter
≈ 1,07 euros / liter
≈ 1,39 dollars / liter
≈ 7,89 argentinean pesos / liter
≈ 1,18 euros / liter
≈ 1,54 dollars / liter
≈ 5,64 argentinean pesos / liter
≈ 0,84 euros / liter
≈ 1,10 dollars / liter
Chile ≈ 836 chilean pesos / liter
≈ 1,37 euros / liter
≈ 1,79 dollars / liter
≈ 846 chilean pesos / liter
≈ 1,39 euros / liter
≈ 1,81 dollars / liter
≈ 632 chilean pesos / liter
≈ 1,04 euros / liter
≈ 1,35 dollars / liter
  87-octane Petrol 95-octane Petrol Diesel
(vehicle with Bolivian registration plate)
≈ 3,74 bolivianos / liter
≈ 0,42 euros / liter
≈ 0,54 dollars / liter
≈ 4,79 bolivianos / liter
≈ 0,53 euros / liter
≈ 0,69 dollars / liter
≈ 3,72 bolivianos / liter
≈ 0,41 euros / liter
≈ 0,54 dollars / liter
(vehicle with international registration plate)
≈ 9,19 bolivianos / liter
≈ 1,02 euros / liter
≈ 1,33 dollars / liter
≈ 9,53 bolivianos / liter
≈ 1,06 euros / liter
≈ 1,38 dollars / liter

Outward and back journeys for you and your teammates

Accommodations and catering outside of the bivouacs


Options for safety materials

  • VHF radio
    For safety reasons and to improve communication among teams, VHF radios are recommended for all assistance vehicles.
  • GPS-Sentinel, Distress beacon and IriTrack systems
    Their rental is included in the vehicle fee. However, for the IRITRACK system, the entry fees do not include the antenna, power cable and mounting system.
  • TRIPY: Assistance GPS electronic roadbook
    The rental is included in the vehicle fee. However, the entry fees do not include the antenna, power cable and mounting system.

The power cables, mounting systems, and antennas for the GPS-Sentinel IriTrack, and Tripy systems can be used for other events.

You will be sent an order form in October that can be used to order any equipment options or a second GPS directly from the system provider.

Trips for your sponsors

Additional Insurance

The registration fees of the rally include:

  • Liability insurance for your vehicle as long as you stay within the perimeter of the rally (see regulations of the rally)
  • Medical assistance,
  • Management of medical expenses and hospitalization in a limit of 4 500 euros,
  • Your repatriation if your health requires it (decision of the Medical Director of the rally).

We recommend you more than strongly that hold personal medical insurance coupled with a Individual Accidents guarantee that will guarantee:

  • Reimbursement of medical and hospital expenses incurred outside of your home country (beyond 4500 euros paid by the organization)
  • The payment of a lump sum in the event of an accident resulting in permanent disability or death.

You can purchase these guarantees from the insurer of your choice or by contacting Gras Savoye whose bids (set up for the rally) and contact details will appear on website by mid-September.

Other optional insurance you will also be presented and proposed, and their subscription is recommended to adapt your insurance program to the risks associated with your participation in the rally.