Since 2008, the Dakar Series has grouped together events which meet the organisational standards of the Dakar and respect the fundamental values of all-terrain rallies. In 2013, two events will be organised in South America, with the second edition of the Desafio Ruta 40 in Argentina and the creation of the Desafio Inca in Peru.

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San Juan crowned the winners of desafio ruta 40

Issy-les-Moulineaux, 23rd June, 2013

The fourth edition of Desafío Ruta 40 has come to an end in San Juan after six intense days of competition. Kurt Caselli (KTM 450 Rally Replica) was the winner of Bikes; Lucas Bonetto (Honda TRX700 XX) got the victory in the Overall for Quads and Joan “Nani” Roma (Mini All4 Racing) dominated among Cars. Alberto Ontiveros (Beta 450RR), Jeremías González Ferioli (Yamaha Raptor), and Sebastián Guayasamín (Toyota Fortuner) were the winners of the Dakar Challenge and will split the two entries for next Dakar 2014.

With an open result in all categories, the Desafío completed this morning the last 136,06 timed kilometers of the competition for a stage that was dramatic from the beginning to the end. Helder Rodrigues' fall, Caselli's victory towards the end of the competition, and the Roma and Terranova Mini's fight were some of the most outstanding facts that were part of the exciting edition.
In the afternoon, the protagonists managed to complete the competition greeted the crowd of fans that got to the finish ramp located in 25 de Mayo square of San Juan's capital. The ceremony counted on the presence of the Governor of the Province of San Juan, Engineer José Luis Gioja, the vice governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, and the Minister of Tourism and Culture of the province, Dante Elizondo.

José Torres, Director of Tourism of the Province and the General Coordinator General of Desafío Ruta 40, David Eli were present.2013 edition of Desafío Ruta 40 started last June 16th in the Province of Jujuy and it counted on six stages which visited the cities of San Miguel de Tucumán, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Belén, and Chilecito, before getting to San Juan. The event was part of the Dakar Series calendar and grants points for the FIM World Championship of Cross Country Rally and the Argentine Championship of Cross Country Rally.

Bikes: Caselli is the winner of Ruta 40
Kurt Caselli (KTM 450 Rally Replica) is now the winner of 2013 Desafío Ruta 40 in the Bikes category. The American driver clinched his first victory and he was seconded by Francisco “Chaleco” López (KTM 450 Rally Replica). Three times winner of Dakar, Marc Coma (KTM 450 Rally Replica). A podium dominated by the three official KTMs.
The American driver has already surprised everybody during last Dakar after winning two stages. He has now achieved a significant victory based on his even and fast driving. Caselli went from small to big during the race, but he was always among top leaders. This morning he started a little bit more than a minute away from López, leader of the Overall Standings after Stage 5 but he shortened the gap and he could get a good difference by the end.
A technical driving rather than a fast one favored the KTM Nº 6 competitor who established a split time of 1:31.17 to race 136,06 kilometers of the last stage. He won over López by 1.18 and Goncalves by 2.39.
Helder Rodrígues (Honda CRF450) had no luck. He started the day almost a second behind “Chaleco” in the Overall Standings. However, when he was running the first kilometres of the stage, he fell off the bike and was forced and he had to retire. The Portuguese competitor hit his hip really hard but his overall state is good. His teammate, Pizzolito (Honda CRF450) managed to get the fourth stage and he finished 7.18 from the winner.
This way, Overall Standings ended with Casellin on top with a time of 18:10.20, followed by López, 43 seconds, and Coma 10.53. Pizzolito and David Casteu (Yamaha YZF 450) completed the first five.

Quads: Bonetto clinched his third Desafío
Lucas Bonetto (Honda TRX700 XX) met the expectations and clinched his third victory in a row in Desafío Ruta 40 in the Quads category after winning the 2013 edition from the beginning to the end. Sebastián Halpern (Yamaha Raptor) and Rafal Sonik (Yamaha Raptor) completed the podium.
The driver from Tierra del Fuego went for the first victory from the very first stage and was the protagonist of a close fight with Gastón González (Yamaha Raptor) during the first three days. However, the competitor from Córdoba got delayed in the fourth stage and that allowed Bonetto to do a quieter race and to administer the advantage that separated him from the rest of the rivals.
This morning, the driver who is 22 years old, kept his strategy this morning and got his fourth partial victory in this Desafío when he set up a time of 1:56.26. Second place was for González who showed once more that he was ready to fight for the lead if it hadn't been for the problems he had with his Yamaha during the fourth stage. Third position is in the hands of Luciano Gagliardi (Yamaha Raptor).
In the Overall Standings, Bonetto set up a time of 21:31.45 and got an advantage of 45.39 seconds over Halpern. The Polish competitor Rafal Sonik (Yamaha Raptor) got the third podium position after finishing 52.35 away from the winner.
Among 4x quads, Daniel Mazzuco (Can Am Renegade 800) clinched his third consecutive victory in Desafío Ruta 40. The competitor from Córdoba showed himself as a solid leader all along the race and achieved a victory over Julio Estanguet (Can Am Renegade 800) and Marcos Prina (Can Am Renegade 800).

López and Sonik the best ones in the FIM World Championship
Francisco “Chaleco” López (KTM 450 Rally Replica) got the victory of the fourth round of the World Championship of Cross Country Rally that is organizad by the International Federation of Motorcycle. Rafal Sonik (Yamaha Raptor) was crowned in the Quad category.

In spite of loosing the lead of the Overall Standings of Desafío Ruta 40 in the last competitive kilometres, López had a reason to celebrate since clinched his first victory in a world event during the 2013 season.
The Chilean competitor won the sixth stage and he consolidated the lead. He set up a finish time of 18:11.03 with an advantage over his teammate Marc Coma (KTM Rally Replica) by 10.10. The third position was for the French David Casteu (Yamaha YZF450) 14.58. Paulo Goncalves (Speedbrain 450 Rally) got the fourth place and Claudio Rodriguez (Honda CRF 450) arrived fifth.
Coma is still leading the championship with 77 points, second is Goncalves with 64. “Chaleco” is now third, after his victory he reached 33 points.

In Quads, Sonik did not find major inconvenients to overcome Pablo Copetti (Yamaha Raptor). The Polish competitor finished six stages with a time of 22:24.20, almost two hours ahead the Argentine competitor. The last podium position was for Emiliano Fuenzalida (Yamaha Raptor).
Sonik, who clinches his third victory in a row this season, scored 75 points, 27 more points than his escort Mohammed Abu Isssa. Third is Copetti, 47 points.

Roma got the victory among cars Joan “Nani” Roma was the winner of Desafío Ruta 40 in the cars after the special battle that was led by two the Mini All4 Racing. The Spanish driver overcame the Argentine driver Orlando Terranova. The Bolivian driver Marco Bulacia (Toyota FJ Crusier) conquered a well-deserved third position in the Overall Standings.
As it was foreseen, the fight for the lead in this category was centered on the two Mini All4 Racing from the very beginning of the competition. The pace between Roma and Terranova was even in each of the stages. The 15-minute penalization that the Argentine driver got because he missed a waypoint the third day of the competition placed them with a differences that ended up being conclusive.
The leaders got to the last day of the competition with a difference of more than six minutes and Terranova was willing to revert the result and he was looking for his vehicle's limit in a very technical and complex stage. The effort of the Branca Mini All4 Racing Team driver was valuable to get to the second partial victory when he set up a time of 1:35.43. However, he could barely discount 4.31 from Roma, and that is why the Catalan kept the top position in the Overall Standings. The third position of the stage was for Juan Manuel Silva whose performance was outstanding after a frustrating Friday when he could not race because of a gear box problem in his Colcar vehicle.

The absolute winner was Roma who got the top position with 19:50.50, esconded by Terranova, 2.05. Third was Bulacia 6:08.24 away and Alejandro Yacopini (Toyota SW4) and José González (Toyota Hilux) completed the top five Overall.

A dream comes true for Challenge winners
Alberto Ontiveros (Beta 450RR), Jeremías González Ferioli (Yamaha Raptor) and Sebastián Guayasamín (Toyota Fortuner) were the Dakar Challenge winners and will get two tickets to next Dakar 2014. Bikes and Quads winners will split the cost of one of the entries and the car's winner will get a full entry for the toughest race of the planet.
In Bikes, Ontiveros showed himself as the referent of the Challenge. After running the second half he improved, and from there he got better stage after stage and made no mistakes. Finally, the driver got to the 16th position in the Overall Standings with a total time of 22:27.49, with a penalization of one minute. This clearly shows he did a neat job all week long.
Jeremías González Ferioli, who is only 18 years old, showed why he is considered one of the promises of this specialty. He got an indisputable victory in the Challenge when escalating to the sixth position in the Overall.
Guayasamín won the duel over José Luis Locascio (Toyota Hilux). Now he is thinking about his next Dakar 2014 participation. The competitor from Ecuador, who was experienced in quads, competed for the first time on board a car and managed to be sixth in the Overall Standings.


DesafÍo ruta 40 is already underway

Issy-les-Moulineaux, 17th June, 2013

Marc Coma's ramp in the start of Plaza Belgrano in San Salvador de Jujuy marked the beginning of the fourth edition of Desafío Ruta 40. This race will be part of the Dakar Series Calendar this year and counts of a record of entries registrations: 60 bikes, 34 quads, 30 cars, and 1 UTV which means 125 competitors that will start their first stage tomorrow between Jujuy and San Miguel de Tucumán.

A crowd of fans accompanied the vehicles in Jujuy's downtown all afternoon long. Then they celebrated and waved at crews from the ramp in exceptional celebration environment which was unbeatable thanks to the good weather conditions.

The start ceremony counted on the presence of the Ministry of Tourism, Enrique Meyer and the Secretary of Sports of the Province of Jujuy, Luis Giraldi, together with the Secretary of Tourism of Jujuy. Juan Martearena, David Castera, Dakar Sport Director and David Eli, General Coordinator of Desafio Ruta 40.

Desafío Ruta 40 will dispute from tomorrow the first out of six stages that will link the city of Jujuy with San Miguel de Tucumán. It will then visit San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Belén, Chilecito, and San Juan. The competition is also valid for the FIM World Championship of Cross Country Rally and grants special points for the Argentine Championship of Cross Country Rally.

Details of the First Stage
The first bike will leave Jujuy's Bivouac at 7:10 and it will go straight to Guachipas in Salta, where there will be a special start. The first section of the timed stage had to be modified due to matters related to safety and that is why only 202,94 kilometers will be raced during the first day.

Drivers will face a very narrow and winding section during the first section of the stage and after a fast section they will get to a difficult riverbed with lots of loose stones. Towards the end they will go back to a mountain road with lots of turns but with an ideal surface to flat out in search for a better time.

Once competition sections are finished, protagonists will head the liaison of 72,25 kilometers which will end in the hippodrome in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán.


First place not the only winner on the DesafÍo ruta 40

Issy-les-Moulineaux, 13th June, 2013

From 15th to 22nd June, a race within the race will take place for the riders and drivers who have entered the Dakar Challenge. In each category, a place is up for grabs on the Dakar: a passport to glory.

The first event of the 2013 season Dakar Series pits top class riders and drivers against each other. In the bike category, there is likely to be an intense battle between the KTMs of Coma and Chaleco, the Hondas ridden by Rodrigues, Gonçalves and Pizzolito, as well as David Casteu on a Yamaha. In the car race, the dance should be led by Nani Roma and Orlando Terranova, with first-rate outsiders ready to seize the slightest opportunity to shine. Nobody knows just yet, amongst this avalanche of talent, at what level will be found the competitors in the Dakar Challenge, a race within the race reserved for the less experienced and which will enable the winner in each category to win his registration for the next Dakar. What is already known for this prestigious contest that leads all the way to Rosario is that the competition will also be tough: 25 bikes, 18 quads and 8 cars will be lining up to tackle eight days of racing through the north west of Argentina. Last year, this event used by many to test themselves for the future was particularly decisive for Jeremias Israel Esquerre. Rewarded for his performance on the Desafio Litoral with direct access to the Dakar, the young Chilean went on to spend most of the rally in the Top 10, before finishing in 57th position. His successor on the Dakar Challenge roll of honour will be sure to have all eyes on him.


Desafío Ruta 40 - Dakar Series
A new adventure is underway

Issy-les-Moulineaux, 13th March, 2013

Today in the afternoon (Wednesday 13th March) the 2013 Desafío Ruta 40 rally was officially launched in Buenos Aires, an event that will be run under Dakar Series format from 15th to 22nd June through a six-day schedule and a course that goes from San Salvador de Jujuy to San Juan.

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Headed by the nation’s Tourism Minister Enrique Meyer, Dakar Director Etienne Lavigne and Desafío Ruta 40 Director Pablo Eli, the meeting was a good chance to reveal news and concepts about how the new version of this rally will be in its fourth edition. By joining forces with the Dakar Series, a great show either for competitors and fans should be on display.

With a route that will go through Northern Argentina provinces and others from the Cuyo region in the west, the event will touch iconic places of the stunning national Road 40 including some new features coming as a result of four years of work. Besides being a Dakar Series venue, the Challenge will be the fourth eligible round of the FIM World Cross-Country Rally Championship and second round of the Argentine Cross-Country Rally Championship, status that promise an interesting number and quality of entries not only from the national but also from the international scene.

“Again, Argentina hosts the Desafío Ruta 40 rally, an international event that we supported from our Ministry four years ago because it crosses natural places of unique beauty, identity and culture with a Dakar Series format. As it happened with the Desafío Litoral in 2012, the Desafío Ruta 40 should catch the attention of the world’s main specialists in the Cross-Country category for six days in which 1,600 kilometers should be left behind to reach the finish line. This is a great opportunity to show the vast tourist offers we have in our country, the quality of the services and the overwhelming personality of our people”, Meyer commented in his role as Tourism Minister.

“We are very happy to introduce the second visit of the Dakar Series to South America and the Desafío Ruta 40, an event that in only three years of life has been able to mix all the ingredients of the true Dakar spirit. I am sure this is a wonderful rally for all kind of competitors. There will be known places on its course, so that some participants can get a familiar feeling with some of the stages scheduled every year in the famous Dakar Rally. That is why this season’s Dakar Series should be the perfect chance to compare with each other more or less six months before the start of our biggest event in the region”, Lavigne said.

“Almost three years ago, by April 2010, we conceived a rally which was absolutely news in Argentine motorsports. We also made what was a dream come true, wishing that this event could grow up according to our expectations. That first experience was not easy, but after ten days driving along the Route 40 from south to north we definitely knew that the flame was already burning and that nothing could switch it off. The Desafío Ruta 40 quickly became an iconic Cross-Country meeting in this part of the world. Heading towards the 2013 edition, we face a big commitment. The Desafío Ruta 40 has got support from ASO to be a rally valid for the Dakar Series, now in its second year in Argentina. Least but not last, the event has also been appointed as round 4 of the FIM Cross-Country World Championship this season. Thus, we are writing the history of a rally that pushes us to try even harder the target of reaching a more thrilling edition this time”, Eli told.

After a start in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, the Desafío Ruta 40 will stop for its bivouacs in San Miguel de Tucumán, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Tinogasta, Chilecito and San Juan, the city that will host the prize-giving on the Saturday 22nd next June.

Voir la carte en grand format (PDF, 6,2 Mo)


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