N° 432 - RALLYOZ



Le véhicule   !

  • Motorisation : 3-litre 16-valve common-rail turbo diesel
  • Puissance : 190 hp and 375 Nm of torq
  • Assistance : Rally Oz
  • Poids : 2300
  • Préparateur : Rally Oz

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    LE PILOTE   !

    • Date de naissance : 14/10/1965 à CZECH REPUBLIC
    • Taille / poids : 1.74 m / 74 kg
    • Situation : Marié, 2 enfants
    • Hobbies : Rally-raid, football, photography, travelling
    • Site web : http://www.rallyoz.com

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    LE COPILOTE   !Twitter

    • Date de naissance : 30/05/1971 à SYDNEY
    • Taille / poids : 1.85 m / 85 kg
    • Situation : Marié
    • Site web : http://www.rallyoz.com

“The Dakar is an illness you can't get rid of”

After three attempts at the Dakar when it was still in Africa, Peter Jerie hopes this time will be the good one. The Australian based Czech driver witnessed all kind of mechanical upsets that forced him to quit all three times. For his big return, this software programmer has done things totally differently. He will indeed have his own car, an Isuzu that he bought from Dakar regular Bruce Garland. At his side will be Glenn Watman, a man he only met this year but has great mechanical skills. After finishing 5th of the Australasian Safari, he hopes to finally reach the finish line of the Dakar in Valparaiso.

P.J.: “I was born in the Czech Republic and the Dakar was really big over there, especially because of the truck race and Karel Loprais. My dream was to do it one day. All my previous experiences on the Dakar were very difficult. Each time it was new. The first time, I rented a car from a European based team and saw the car the day before the start. Living in Australia, the steering wheel was on the wrong side for me. In 2005 I quit in Mauritania because of a clutch problem. In 2006 the gear box of my Honda Buggy broke. And in 2007 we suffered electrical issues on our Renault Megane. I always wanted to come. It'll be the first time I have my own car. I just want to finish. I know I don't have the car to compete in the GC. Glenn, my co-driver is very experienced. He's from a family of off-road champions. He's a very good mechanic and was part of Adrian Di Lallo's service crew last year.”

Palmarès Dakar (depuis 1999)

2007: Ab.
2006: Ab.
2005: Ab.

Palmarès Autre Course

2013 Australasian Safari (1st in class and 5th outright)

Palmarès Dakar (depuis 1999)

2014: first appearance
2013: mechanic for Red Earth Motorsport

Palmarès Autre Course

2013 Australasian Safari (1st in class and 5th outright)

N° 432 - RALLYOZ




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