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  • Motorisation : 4800 cc V6
  • Puissance : 268 HP
  • Assistance : Lardeau
  • Poids : 2300
  • Préparateur : Lardeau

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    • Date de naissance : 14/11/1986 à TORINO
    • Taille / poids : 1.76 m / 80 kg
    • Situation : Célibataire
    • Hobbies : rallying, football, golf, snowboard, hunting
    • Sponsors : Sata, Valbormida, Overmach, Vigel, Imu, Famar, Ergotech,
    • Site web : http://www.team-lardeau-competition.com

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    • Date de naissance : 22/07/1956 à ROMA
    • Taille / poids : 1.78 m / 75 kg
    • Situation : Divorcé, 1 enfant
    • Hobbies : Moto
    • Sponsors : Sata, Valbormida, Overmach, Vigel, Imu, Ombi, Famar, Ergotech
    • Site web : http://www.team-lardeau-competition.com

“The Dakar is another world”

Pietro Cinotto insists: last year he finished his first Dakar. A slight regulation issue, due to the change of an engine part without notification prevented him from being on the podium and in the final general classification but he rightfully insists that he reached Santiago and finished the toughest race he had ever taken part in. Of the Cinotto family, Pietro was indeed the only to reach the finish line while his father Michele was forced to quit after day 4 and his brother Carlo pulled out after 10 days. Back on the event in a different car, a Toyota KDJ120, Pietro can't wait to be on that start line in Rosario. The 26-year-old from Torino will again be able to count on the huge experience of his co-driver Maurizio Dominella who took part in 21 Dakar rallies finishing 7th with Housieaux in 1998.

P.C.: “The Dakar has been my dream ever since I was a child and finally it came true. It was a great experience for my brother and I. A bad one for our father who had to quit early. I will always remember this first experience. On the last day, we were disqualified. We had a problem on an engine part that we had to change. The rules say that you can do so but you have to notify the race marshals. The mechanic didn't know that. For me, I finished the Dakar although I didn't go on the podium. Our first week was really tough. The dunes were so difficult, so much harder than in Africa. The event itself was a lot harder than I thought. Compared to a race like the Pharaoh's Rally, it's another world. It's so long. Having Maurizio (Dominella) at my side helped me a lot. He has so much experience. I keep on saying that even if he wasn't behind the steering wheel, he was driving. He would tell me everything: ‘go right, go left, 2nd gear, 3rd gear'. I did exactly what he told me to do. This year we'll have a new car and we will be in the T2 production class. My first goal is to finish. I don't want to set an objective but Top 5 of the T2 class would be great. My brother Carlo won't be coming this time because he's currently studying. He'll be back next year.”

Palmarès Dakar (depuis 1999)

2013: Ab. Stage 14

Palmarès Autre Course

2011 and 2012 Pharaoh’s Rally
500 Abarth Trophy, Monte Carlo Rally, San Remo Rally, Italian rally Championship

Palmarès Dakar (depuis 1999)

2013: Ab. Stage 14
2011: 43rd (car with Kun Liu)
2009: Ab. Stage 5 (car with De Nora)
2006: 33rd (truck with Romei)
2002: 47th (with Housieaux)
2001: 18th (with Housieaux)
2000: 11th (with Housieaux)
1999: 22nd (with Housieaux)
1998: 7th (with Housieaux)
1996: Ab. (truck)
1995: 11th (with Traglio)

Palmarès Autre Course

2012 Pharaohs rally





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