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  • Puissance : 450 cc
  • Assistance : Team Honda
  • Poids : 150
  • Préparateur : Team Honda

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    • Date de naissance : 15/04/1989 à SOUTHAMPTON
    • Taille / poids : 1.82 m / 74 kg
    • Situation : Célibataire
    • Hobbies : Health & Fitness, spear fishing, Road Cycling
    • Sponsors : Honda, Red Bull, Alpine Star
    • Site web : http://www.teamhrc.com/

“I only did two days on the rally!”

Sam Sunderland's promising career suffered a setback just before the last Dakar when he broke both his wrists while training for the rally. A huge disappointment for the talented 24-year-old, who had joined the HRC Honda Rally team. Based in Dubai where the conditions are ideal to train, Sam is ready for revenge on fate especially after quitting his first Dakar due to electrical problems after only two days. The Brit has been able to live a full season capturing excellent results such as his recent win at the Merzouga Rally in front of confirmed riders such as his team mate Helder Rodrigues and Olivier Pain. His goal on the Dakar is to carry on gaining experience. It's a whole new start for Sam!

“It's hard to compare myself with the likes of Coma and Despres. I'd like to be in their position but I'm only 24. Recently I looked at the results of the 2006 Dakar. Coma and Despres were already leading. I was still at school. I feel more and more confident and have gained in experience. There were really good riders at the Merzouga Rally and I managed to beat them so that was great for the confidence. It's still like if it was my first Dakar. I mean I only did two days on the rally. I'll need to take each day as it comes and race my own race. I can't aim at victory. I dream about it and I work for it but I need to gain experience. I'm a racer but it's a long event and I need to finish first. If I do, I'd be very happy with Top 5. I don't want to have the image of the guy who crashes out all the time. I'm not that guy. I want to be in it for a long term and make a career out of it. There's a great atmosphere in the HRC team. Helder (Rodrigues) has helped me out so much. I'm very grateful to have him with me. And he's got so much experience. I can't wait to be at the start. I can't wait to see those five fingers at the beginning of the first special.”


  • étape 2

    Juste génial!

    Il n'y avait pas tant de dunes que ça, peut-être 50 km, mais c'était hyper sympa, comme de piloter sur une si grande variété de terrains aujourd'hui, avec du sable, de la piste poussiérieuse, des cailloux, des passages techniques et très lents, et puis d'autres parties très rapides. Non, c'était vraiment cool ! En ce qui me concerne, je suis ravi d'arriver dans les 7 premières motos et on m'a dit que j'avais le scratch. Bon, je ne sais pas si mon temps va résister aux suivants, mais si c'est le cas je suis vraiment content. Ce serait ma première victoire d'étape sur le Dakar, et c'est juste génial. La moto est incroyable et ça récompense bien tous les gens de l'équipe qui travaillent dans l'ombre derrière nous. Et je suis vraiment reconnaissant à Honda de m'avoir donné l'opportunité d'être avec eux. Donc je vais essayer de continuer comme ça pour finir bien placé au général.

Palmarès Dakar (depuis 1999)

2012: Ab. Stage 3

Palmarès Autre Course

2013: Morocco rally (5th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (3rd), Merzouga Rally (1st)
2012: Morocco Rally (10th), Sardinia Rally, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (Ab., 2 stage wins), Australasian Safari (Ab., 2 stage wins)





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