N° 337 - X-RAID TEAM


  • MINI

El vehículo   !

  • Motor : RS 12 Diesel, 2993cc
  • Potencia : 300 hp / 3250 rpm, Approx
  • Asistencia : X-Raid
  • Peso : 1900
  • Preparador : X-Raid

    • P

    EL PILOTO   !

    • Fecha de nacimiento: 15/10/1952 en FRANKFURT
    • Estatura / peso: 1.76 / 70
    • Situation: Marié
    • Hobbies: travelling
    • Sponsors: KS Tools, www.greyhoundprotection.de
    • Sitio web: http://www.kstools.de

    • C
    • C


    • Fecha de nacimiento: 10/08/1965 en LEIPZIG GERMANY
    • Estatura / peso: 1.80 / 74
    • Situation: Célibataire
    • Hobbies: Mountain biking, squash
    • Sponsors: KS Tools, www.greyhoundprotection.de
    • Sitio web: http://www.kstools.de

“Not so many have finished all five Dakar rallies in South America”

Tool supplier, via his company KS Tools, to the X-Raid team for over five years, Stephan Schott has woven close professional, as well as friendly ties, with the man in charge of the German team, Sven Quandt. After witnessing two Dakar rallies in a Mitsubishi, he entered the team as one of the X3 drivers in 2011 and despite taking good care of leader Peterhansel, he still managed to capture a fine 20th position. Stephan will be witnessing his 6th Dakar this year in a Mini All4Racing that will be easily recognizable. It indeed carries on its back a picture of his two greyhounds that will certainly be watching Daddy on TV, back home. After what he considers as his worst Dakar in 2013, the German hopes to accomplish his three missions: help the top drivers of the X-Raid team, finish again safe and sound and eventually be part of the Top 20.

F. S.: “2013 was a bad year for me on the Dakar. I had an accident and technical problems, achieving my worst ever result at X-Raid. We first suffered gearbox problems on the Mini. Then, on day 10, on fast tracks we were hit by another car at high speed. We had to wait for our T4 truck and lost five hours. I hope for a better result on this one. On normal days I have to be in the Top 15. I'll be driving the same car as last year without the new specifications but it still is a great machine. The car isn't the problem, the driver is… My goal is to help the top drivers, to finish the race safe and sound and to be in the Top 20. All the rest is a question of luck. I'm an amateur so I can't really compare with the others. Of course I want a good result but I also want to enjoy the rally. Not so many competitors have finished all five Dakar races in South America. I hope to do so again in my sixth.”

Historial Dakar (desde 1999)

2013: 48th
2012: 31st
2011: 20th
2010: 26th
2009: 74th

Palmarés otras carreras

2013: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (8th), Baja Espana (11th), Morocco Rally (41st)
UAE Desert Challenge 2012 (10th)

Historial Dakar (desde 1999)

2013: 48th
2012: 31st
2011: 20th
2010: 26th
2009: 74th
2005: Ab.
1998: Ab.
1996: Ab.

Palmarés otras carreras

Tunisia, Morocco

N° 337 - X-RAID TEAM




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