• MINI

El vehículo   !

  • Motor : RS 12 Diesel, 2993cc
  • Potencia : 300 hp / 3250 rpm
  • Asistencia : X-Raid
  • Peso : 1900
  • Preparador : X-Raid

    • P

    EL PILOTO   !Facebook

    • Fecha de nacimiento: 30/07/1990 en ESSEN
    • Estatura / peso: 1.89 / 88
    • Situation: Célibataire
    • Hobbies: golf, fitness
    • Sponsors: Lotto
    • Sitio web: http://lottorallyteam.com/

    • C

    EL COPILOTO   !Facebook

    • Fecha de nacimiento: 11/07/1977 en PORTALEGRE
    • Estatura / peso: 1.74 / 72
    • Situation: Célibataire
    • Hobbies: ski, équitation, pêche
    • Sitio web: http://lottorallyteam.com/

“The best car, the best co-driver, but I'm not the best”

He's the new kid on the block. In 2014, the Dakar World will have the opportunity to discover young and promising Martin Kaczmarski. At only 23 years of age, the Pole will be driving the best car out there, a Mini All4Racing of Team X-Raid. Martin was able to prepare for his first Dakar during the whole World Cup season, first in a Toyota, then in the Mini. His ambition now is to learn from his “master” Krzysztof Holowczyc and eventually finish best rookie of the event. At his side, he'll be able to count on the experience of Filipe Palmeiro. Not bad for a first Dakar!

M.K.: “The Dakar was a dream. I remember watching it on TV with my parents. It's the biggest event in the World. Every 1st of January I would be with my family in front of the TV screen. At the beginning of this year, I was given the opportunity thanks to a sponsor to come. Holowczyc is my master. I'm his pupil. On the Dakar you spend two weeks in the desert. The most difficult is being strong in your head. I have to learn. I hope that one day I'll be the master. My goal is to finish best rookie. In terms of results, it depends on the strategy. A lot of things can happen. I'd like to be in the Top 15. I know it's impossible but I like setting high goals. My co-driver will be Filipe Palmeiro. He controls everything in the car. He calms me down and he has so much experience. He's also a very good mechanic. For me the Dakar is only pleasure. There is no pressure. I'm not fighting against the others, just against me. I have the best car, I have the best co-driver, but I'm not the best. I need more kilometres.”

Historial Dakar (desde 1999)

2014: first appearance

Palmarés otras carreras

2013: Baja Portalegre 500 (2nd), Baja Poland (11th), Sealine Cross Country Rally – Qatar (10th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (9th)

Historial Dakar (desde 1999)

2013: Ab. Stage 3 (with Holowczyc)
2012: 38th (truck, with Bauerle)
2011: Ab. stage 7 (with Terranova)
2010: 10th (with Spinelli)
2009: 18th (with Kuipers)
2007: 37th (with Nobre)
2006 : abandon (camion, copi. de Jacinto)

Palmarés otras carreras

2013: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (8th, Co-pilot of S.Schott), Baja Portalegre 500 (2nd)
2012 : Baja Poland (1st), Morocco Rally (25th, 3 stage wins)
2011 : Rally dos Sertões (Copi de Paulo Nobre, 2nd)
2009 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie (copi. de Terranova





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