El vehículo   !

  • Motor : 8 Cylinder Toyota IUR-FSE 4,6L V8
  • Potencia : 300HP, 520NM
  • Asistencia : Overdrive Racing
  • Peso : 1938
  • Preparador : Overdrive Racing

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    EL PILOTO   !Facebook

    • Fecha de nacimiento: 16/12/1972 en VARSOVIE
    • Estatura / peso: 1.83 / 84
    • Situation: Célibataire
    • Hobbies: bikes, mountain bike, snowboard, windsurfing
    • Sponsors: Orlen, Onet, Verva, Red Bull
    • Sitio web: http://www.orlenteam.pl/

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    EL COPILOTO   !Facebook

    • Fecha de nacimiento: 22/06/1967 en VARSOVIE
    • Estatura / peso: 1.76 / 82
    • Situation: Marié, 2 enfants
    • Hobbies: Moto-cross, football and sports in general
    • Sponsors: Orlen, Onet, Verva
    • Sitio web: http://www.orlenteam.pl/

“Our life is the Dakar”

It's the end of an era for Marek Dabrowski and Jacek Czachor. A bike page has turned, a new car chapter begins. Both men started the Dakar on two wheels back in 2000. For Marek, the Dakar has been filled with ups and downs. Great moments like his 9th spot conquered in 2003, tougher ones like his 5 withdrawals. Jacek on the other hand has impressed through his consistency. Never has the Pole quit the race with a career high 10th spot in 2004 and 2007. Seriously injured back in 2007, Dabrowski never really recovered and struggled because if his shoulder during the last Dakar that he finished 80th. It was time to say goodbye to the bike race on the podium Santiago. And the 41-year-old did it in style: helping his compatriot and team mate Kuba Przygonski capture 11th spot, and giving Cyril Despres his engine during a marathon stage which would keep the Frenchman's hopes alive in his quest for glory. So to the car race for Marek and Jacek. These close friends will have further opportunities to shine in a Toyota Hilux prepared by Overdrive. Step by step their goal is to be just as good as they were on bikes.

M.D.: “2013 was my last Dakar on a bike. I could have done better and even continued if I had a better arm and shoulder, but I can't. It was just too painful. I no longer had the speed. I finished 80th and I certainly would have done better before but that's the way it is. I also gave my engine to Cyril (Despres). I had been dreaming of driving a car for a long time but it all depended on sponsors. Now we have that opportunity. I was able to compete with Jacek at the Silk Way Rally, the Baja Poland and the Morocco Rally. It was a great experience in a very good car. Today in off-road rallies you can push your car as much as a bike. It's great to have Jacek as my co-driver. He's a great navigator and he showed it in the 13 Dakar rallies he finished. Our goal is to be as good as we can. Jacek wants to be the best possible co-driver and I won't to be the best driver. We can still improve a lot. We want to finish at the best possible position. Top 25, Top 20 would be great and why not finish best Polish rookies. Our life is the Dakar so of course we won't to improve. In 2003 I finished 9th of the bike race so my dream would be to do as well in a car.”

Historial Dakar (desde 1999)

2013: 80th
2012: 29th
2011: 17th
2010: 33rd
2009: Ab. Stage 6
2007: 24th
2006: Ab.
2004: Ab.
2003: 9th
2002: Ab.
2001: Ab.
2000: 52nd

Palmarés otras carreras

2013: Silk Way Rally (4th), Baja Poland, Morocco Rally (5th)
2012: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Qatar Rally, Sardinia Rally, Pharaoh’s Rally
2011: Morocco (9th)

Historial Dakar (desde 1999)

2013: 22nd
2012: 13th
2011: 11th
2010: 16th
2009: 20th
2007: 10th
2006: 14th
2005: 12th
2004: 10th
2003: 13th
2002: 20th
2001: 24th
2000: 46th

Palmarés otras carreras

2013: Silk Way Rally (4th), Baja Poland, Morocco Rally (5th)
2012: Merzouga Rally (1st), Pharaoh’s Rally (6th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Qatar Rally, Sardinia Rally
2011: Tunisia (4th), Egypt (4th)





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