Whichever way you look at it, the word epic is perfect to describe the Dakar. It’s not just the route itself, or the terrain, but the fight against the elements, the nursing of a machine through the toughest of environments, and the toll it can take. 

The darkest times, when extreme fatigue, temperature, stress can all have an influence on how we behave, are often when we see the most uplifting, brotherly and unselfish gestures made.

What is Epic Story by Motul? 

In 2019 we will tell the story of the most ingenious, most brotherly and bravest competitors (all categories) by broadcasting videos of their epic story from the 2019 Dakar. This fully reflects the human values that Motul shares with the Dakar and its competitors, and will create a new level of interaction for the fans to become involved with the event.

Fans around the world on social media will soon be speaking of Epic Story by Motul, entrenching the name of the Dakar’s major partner.

Who decides what is Epic or not? 

4 stories will be selected during the Dakar by a dedicated editorial committee.

The committee will make the initial selection and then will ask fans on Dakar’s official Facebook page to make the final choice of their favorite story. Promotion of Epic Story by Motul will be via A.S.O. platforms (App, website, social media) and of course Motul’s own platforms. All the information in the rules of EPIC STORY contest.



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