Enduro, rally, sidecar cross


Riwald, Eurol, JaBe, De Jong Zuurmond, Bastion Hotels

2019: ab stage 3
2018: ab stage 4
2017: 38th
2016: 34th
2015: ab stage 5 (with Van Werven)
2014: 25th (with Van Werven)
2013: 33th (with Kies)
2012: ab stage 12 (with R. Huzink)
2011: 41st (with De Baar)
2010: Ab stage 9 (with De Baar)

2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (car, driver)
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge (car, navigator with Willems), Baja Deutschland


“If I could help everybody, I would”

Ed Wigman is a multi-talent. In daily life he builds rail roads, but his passion is off roads. In rally raids he has been mechanic, navigator, driver in both cars and trucks and when he has the chance he also likes to ride a motorbike or even a sidecar. In this Dakar once again he is doing what he likes best: helping out as many competitors as possible, but only when possible, as his main target is to help Gert Huzink, captain of the Riwald Dakar team. Wigman teams up again with experienced navigator Joël Ebbers, who has been keeping his skills up to date in several rallies on and off track and mechanic Dirk Schatorie.

Ed Wigman: “If I could help everybody, I would. Competing as fast assistance is so much fun and so rewarding. Helping out others in the Dakar is the motivation for us. It’s the biggest adventure of all as it is all about finding solutions in complicated and sometimes impossible situations. Driving in the far back of the field is much more difficult than driving further up to the front. My MAN was designed as a race truck and therefore much easier to drive in the desert. I truly hope we can keep up with the pace and thus stay closer to the other competitors.”



  • Marque : MAN
  • Modèle : TGS
  • Préparateur :
  • Assistance :
  • Classe : T4.2 Camions modifiés

Classement 2020

Scratch Étape Général
1 38 38 38
2 25 25 35
3 22 22 33
4 23 23 25
5 23 22 22
6 27 27 23
7 28 28 23
8 27 27 22
9 25 25 21
10 23 23 21
11 24 24 21
12 26 26 20


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