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2021: Ab. Stage 3
2020: 24th
2019: Ab Stage 5
2018: 7th
2017: Ab. Stage 2
2016: Ab. Stage 12 (truck)
2015: 25th (truck)
2014: Ab. Stage 3 (car)
2013: Ab. Stage 10 (car)
2012: Ab. Stage 10 (car)

2018: Morocco Desert Challenge
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge, Silk Way Rally
2016: OiLibya Morocco Rally (1st)
2015: Libya Rally (1st), Baja Aragon (12th), Baja Poland (ab)
2014: Morocco rally (15th)


“Proud to be part of the Dakar Future”

Since 2019, the Riwald Dakar Team has had a unique collaboration with their Czech partner MKR Technology with the development of a hybrid off-road truck. The environment has become a major global issue so the focus in the truck was on hybrid technology. They worked hard to develop a unique race truck: The Renault Trucks C460 Hybrid Edition. As the CEO of Riwald Recycling Gert Huzink is running a scrap recycling company. Riwald Recycling is also the main sponsor of the Riwald Dakar Team and one of the forerunners in the field of hybrid and fully electrically powered cranes. Hence the choice for the hybrid off-road truck, with which the Riwald Dakar Team has been competing in the famous Dakar Rally since 2020. Although the race truck did have some problems in Dakar 2020 and Dakar 2021, the team and their Czech partner MKR Technology, kept making improvements and kept on testing. As pilot of Riwald Dakar Team Gert Huzink is looking forward being at the start of Dakar 2022. Both Riwald Recycling and the Riwald Dakar Team invest in sustainability. The team was therefore the first participant at the start with an alternative energy and power source. A bold and ambitious project. Starting this complex project has caused the team a lot of headaches.

G.H.: “They promise us a beautiful Dakar 2022 with lots of sand and dunes. I know it is not easy to introduce something new, but we are convinced that we must invest in sustainability, even if it is by trial and error. We are therefore confident that we can optimize the hybrid truck in collaboration with MKR Technology. Partly due to the knowledge we gain in this project, we are investigating the possibilities for building a fully electric powered truck. The Riwald Dakar Team is extremely proud that it is part of the Dakar Future project as the first participant of the famous rally with a hybrid truck.”




  • C460 HYBRID
  • MKR
  • Riwald Dakar Team
  • Camion > 10.000cc

Classement 2022

Toute l'actualité de G. Huzink

Réactions - 09/01 17:39 [GMT +3] - Camion

Gert Huzink : « A fond, on n’a pas de marge »

Avec son camion à motorisation hybride, le pilote Néerlandais fait partie de la poignée de pilotes qui se battent immédiatement derrière les Kamaz. Il signe aujourd’hui le 6e temps.

« Le Dakar se passe plutôt bien, même si le premier jour nous avons eu un problème qui nous a fait perdre...


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