Domingo 28 de noviembre 2021 a las 11:00 (hora de Paris) - Presentación del Dakar 2022
N°537 Camiones DUST WARRIORS




Van Groningen

First participation

2020: Africa Eco Race, Breslau Poland Rally


“We are doing it right, or we are not doing it at all”

It was actually not the intention that the Dust Warriors team would participate in the Dakar Rally yet. And certainly not with two trucks. The team, led by William van Groningen, only exists for a year and a half. A year ago, Van Groningen made his debut in the Africa Eco Race with a DAF truck and the intention was to participate this year as well, but thanks to the Covid pandemic, the plans were changed. Van Groningen himself starts with an ex-De Rooy Iveco, together with his brother Jacco as a mechanic and good friend Co de Wit as a navigator. Son Wesley is navigator in the DAF, the team's second truck.

William van Groningen: “Sand and rally driving run in the family. Fortunately we do not suffer from the Covid virus, but we are infected with the rally virus. It is a big step to participate in the Dakar as a young team, but we believe that we are ready. Especially with the Iveco. That is ten steps forward, but my father has always taught me: you do it right or you don't do it at all. We had a lot of contact in the run-up to the Dakar with people who have a lot of experience, and especially with Team De Rooy and with Richard de Groot, with whom we share a mechanic from De Rooy who supports us both. The Iveco is a top car, of which we know what it is capable of. Not that top performances should be expected of us right now already. We are a small and young team, but we will do everything we can to have a nice rally.”



  • Marca : IVECO
  • Modelo : NG3/BA 03
  • Preparador : Team De Rooy Iveco
  • Asistencia : Team Dust Warriors
  • Clase : T5.2 Camiones modificados

Clasificación 2021


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