(nld) Nació el 10/09/1986 en EINDHOVEN


Mammoet, Eurol, Renault Trucks, Boss Machinery


2017: 20th (with De Baar)
2016: 6th (with De Baar)
2015: 31st (with De Baar)
2013: 17th (with De Baar)
2012: 22nd (with De Baar)
2009: 36th (with De Baar)
2007: mechanic with bikes team

2017: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st, with Van den Brink), Silk Way Rally (ab, with De Baar)
2016: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st, with Van den Brink)


“Just stay calm and enjoy the ride” 2

Janus van Kasteren didn’t have the idea of competing in the Dakar. It isn’t like a childhood dream coming true. He had enjoyed driving a truck and before that a ssv in the Morocco Desert Challenge and Baja Aragon, but that was about it: a hobby, one week a year, as he is busy enough in his company, trading big machines for the building and construction industry. He even has his truck for sale. But when Martin van den Brink asked him to be his backup driver in the Mammoet Rallysport team for the Dakar, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make.

J.V.K.: “I would be stupid if I hadn’t done this. The Renault truck is amazing, such a big difference to what I was used to. I’m so lucky to have an experienced team with me to learn from, with Wouter de Graaff being one of the best navigators in the truck class and Richard Mouw having lots of experience with the truck. The task will be to stay as close as possible to Martin van den Brink and help him when needed, and I truly hope I can do that. It will certainly not be easy, but the team has assured me they don’t expect me to be in the front of the field. So actually all I have to do is stay calm and enjoy the ride and see where that brings us.”



  • Modelo : K520
  • Preparador : MKR
  • Asistencia : Mammoet Rallysport
  • Clase : C_T4.2 : Camions Modifiés

Clasificación 2018

Scratch Etapa General
1 20 20 20
2 13 13 13
3 7 7 11
4 19 19 16
5 22 22 16
6 9 9 16
7 12 12 16
8 20 20 16
9 - - -
10 23 23 17
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


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